CHRISTMAS PRESENCE aka WHY HIDE? (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Christmas with friends can be a bloody nightmare’

Christmas Presence – aka Why Hide? – is a 2018 British comedy horror feature film edited, photographed and directed by James Edward Cook from a screenplay co-written with Karen Taylor.

The Plenitude Productions movie stars Charlotte Atkinson, Elsie Bennett, Lorna Brown, Orla Cottingham, William Holstead and Danny Webb.


‘Middle of nowhere, England’: A diverse group of friends gather for the festive season in a remote country house. However, their party plans soon go awry. One of the friends goes missing and the truth behind why the country house was booked for the holiday is disclosed. Christmas quickly turns to chaos and a bloody nightmare ensues…

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“Although set on Christmas eve the film doesn’t focus on the time of year and more on its story and doesn’t give in to cheap seasonal scares. Despite the low budget the effects are impressive with our villain held in the shadows as long as possible and doesn’t disappoint once revealed.” Bloody Flicks

“The budget doesn’t allow for a full-on final reel (although there is a fiery finish, ending up with a pun on Boxing Day), but when the movie shifts up a gear it’s quite fun. Whether you like the early scenes banter between a group of people, who don’t like each other that much, getting pissed and opening up is a matter of taste. Jo and Hugo get the best lines but after a while the snark starts to grate.” Dark Eyes of London

” …while the film’s budget limited its filming location to the one house, it helps to create the sense of isolation.  Couple this with some interesting visuals and beautiful cinematography and the film pulls off a genuinely creepy atmosphere.” Dork Daily

” …leaves little room for logic or a comprehensive explanation of some of the biggest plot elements. Luckily, it doesn’t make the film less entertaining but it will leave you with some serious questions and theories to ponder in order to make sense of it’s somewhat abrupt ending. The backbone of the plot is something we’ve seen done many times before but the film’s execution is wholly original…” Fansided

Christmas Presence relies so heavily on its actors, and while lingerie photoshoots and brewing distrust work enjoyable angles, the looming “presence” we should fear never asserts dominance […] Fun enough, sinister in spurts…” Flickering Myth

“Ultimately disappointing, but worth a watch for the stronger moments interspersed throughout, Why Hide? is at least a horror film made by people trying to do something a bit different, which is commendable. The fact that it tries and fails still makes it better than a hundred other horror movies that are happy to just repeat what we’ve already seen again and again.” For It is a Man’s Number

” …a ghoulish, darkly comedic holiday horror film stuffed with charismatic performances and nasty scares at every turn.” Inquisitr

Choice dialogue:

Jo: “Is this about my aim or my vag? As I can assure you both are in tip-top working order!”

Cast and characters:

Charlotte Atkinson … McKenzie aka Kenz
Elsie Bennett … Samantha
Lorna Brown … Anita
Mark Chatterton … Marcus
Orla Cottingham … Jo
William Holstead … Hugo
Danny Webb … Moseley

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