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‘Laugh after death’

Ashes is a 2018 American horror feature film written and directed by Barry Jay (Killer Therapy; writer of Patient Seven wraparound story and The Chosen). The movie stars Jeremy Isaiah Earl, Damien Diaz and Maria Olsen.


After a family’s “black sheep” aunt dies, they are reluctant and creeped out to receive her cremated ashes. And when a series of strange, supernatural misfortunes beset them, they’ll have to go through hell to be rid of her angry spirit once and for all…

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“The film’s tagline is “Laugh after death”. So that sets up the overall tone you should expect. But in the end, the film is unable to pull through with that humor intact. It’s a great way to set up this particular family’s way of life and the light-hearted bonds they share, but there needs to be some genuine, real-world reactions and consequences paired with the supernatural events depicted here.” Michael Klug, Horrorfreak News

“This film is not a parody, because there are very dark and real moments. But it’s not a straight-up horror film either. It wasn’t found footage, because not everyone dies. Ashes has some amazing and well-timed comedy elements, mixed in with genuinely terrifying and violent horror. Oddly enough it works.” Morbidly Beautiful

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wince… and every time thankfully you were probably intended to. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but it pokes enough fun at the genre and is a nifty little addition to horror itself to be worthy of recommendation.” SciFi Movie Page


“The horror is effective with some gross moments and good jump scares. And the comedy provides some good laughs. Especially from Casey James Knight and Parker Wright as a pair of exorcists hired off of the internet. But the two never really mix, and the abrupt changes make the film feel disjointed at times.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony


Ashes was released On Demand (VOD) on July 9, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Jeremy Isaiah Earl … Duane
  • Damien Diaz … Ty
  • Maria Olsen … Gail
  • Elizabeth Keener … Ellyn
  • Elaine Partnow … Caroline
  • Michael Shacket … Young Jay
  • Emma Mumford … Young Ellyn
  • Yumarie Morales … Melanie
  • Casey James Knight … Chip
  • Brandon Lamberty … Jay
  • Angelique Maurnae … Camille
  • Melinda DeKay … Aunt Marion
  • Parker Wright … Ronnie
  • Robert Smith … Uncle Don

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

Images credits: Morbidly Beautiful

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