THE LAST VICTIM aka FORCED ENTRY (1975) Reviews and overview


‘She’s alone… He’s a madman… Her nightmare is about to begin!’

The Last Victim – re-released as Forced Entry – is a 1975 American psycho thriller co-produced and directed by Jim Sotos (Sweet Sixteen) from a screenplay co-written with Henry Scarpelli. The movie stars Tanya Roberts and Ron Max.


“I didn’t anticipate enjoying this film and I didn’t; nor did I get anything out of it to make the watching of it worth the effort.” Fantastic Musings and Ramblings

“Poorly paced and haphazardly edited, Forced has little to recommend it (besides featuring the debut of TV’s Charlie’s Angels Roberts). Max does an okay job as the demented and mumbling Carl, but Sotos focuses on him entirely too much and the loony’s psychosis isn’t that interesting.” The Terror Trap

“The killer’s demented, misogynistic thoughts narrate most of the movie, which follows him as he rides around town in his car looking for victims. In the end he spots Tanya Roberts and holds her captive inside her own home. If you liked Maniac and have a high tolerance for tasteless exploitative trash, then you might enjoy this one.’ The Trashy Horror Charlie Show

Cast and characters:

  • Tanya Roberts … Nancy Ulman – Tourist Trap
  • Ron Max … Carl
  • Nancy Allen … Hitch Hiker – Poltergeist III; Terror in the Aisles; Dressed to Kill; Carrie
  • Brian Freilino … Peter Ulman
  • Vasco Valladeres … Pimp in Car (as Vasco Valladares)
  • Robin Leslie … Hooker in Car
  • Billy Longo … Charlie
  • Michael Tucci … Richie
  • Beth Carlton … Mrs. Hayes
  • David Kerman … Man with Dog
  • Frankie Verroca … Delivery Boy (as Frank Verroca)
  • Michele Miles … Girl on Bike
  • Glenn Scarpelli … Glenn Ulman
  • Amy Levitan … Amy Ulman
  • Tammy Beker … Phyllis on Phone (voice)

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