DITCH DAY MASSACRE aka HELLBOUND (2013) Reviews and overview

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‘Cutting class has never been bloodier’

Ditch Day Massacre is a 2013 American slasher horror film directed by Joe Hendrick from a screenplay written by Daniel P. Coughlin and Ryan Coughlin. Also known as Ditch Day.

The Water Tree Media production stars Bill Oberst Jr., Katy Foley, Zach Silverman. Lynn Lowry has a cameo role.


Convinced by her boyfriend, Jenny Bilson, a high school senior and perfect daughter to a veteran police detective, ditches class for a day of innocent fun. She and her five friends will soon discover that the one mistake she is unaware of making is about to haunt her in a very violent way, as her past returns for revenge…


” …many of the minor characters are just a line or two away from being butchered. A revenge plotline can be unpacked in a few minutes and mystery is lacking in this production. Very indie in scope, Ditch Day Massacre offers a few gory scenes in Acts II and III and not much else.” 28 Days Later Analysis

Ditch Day Massacre is one of the better low-budget slasher flicks that I have seen this year! Trust me, I watch a lot of these and this far supersedes most. I rate this one right up there with HazMat, Blood Runs Cold and Bloody Bloody Bible Camp […] It’s a fun, revenge based and blood-soaked throwback to 80’s slasher films…” Adam the Movie God

“Although several of the scenes are slow and could have been utilized better to further the story or build characters, the practical gore effects are fantastic. This is one incredibly bloody movie and if you were worried about not seeing it all? Fear not. Every gut ripping axe-wielded moment culminates in a serious amount of fake blood and brilliantly placed appliances.” Gores Truly

” …once the slaughter begins the initial awkwardnesses of the establishing scenes get forgotten. Joe Hendrick keeps things going with a reasonable energy. The pace is much tighter, the blood flows, there is a moderate degree of suspense and some snappily sarcastic dialogue. The only minus is the cheap and unconvincing gore effects…” Moria

The film is released on DVD in the UK by Lightning Pictures as Hellbound on April 29, 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Bill Oberst Jr. … Vick Taddler
  • Katy Foley … Jenny Bildon
  • Zach Silverman … Mike
  • Morgan Benoit … Officer Finch
  • Lynn Lowry … Mrs Donattucci – Exposure; Last American Horror Show; Terror Tales; Cat People; Shivers, et al
  • Gregory DePetro … Dale Bilson (as Greg Depetro)
  • Suzanne Gutierrez … Helen Bilson
  • Kyle Morris … Bill
  • Pandie Suicide … Trina
  • Gabriel De Santiago … Max (as Gabriel De Santi)
  • Samantha Dawn … Cathy
  • Brad Potts … Mann
  • Tara Gerard … Officer Laymon
  • Joe Hendrick … Homeless man
  • Ronald J. Burkard … Principal Gullman

Film Facts:

The original title was Ditch.


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