MONSTERLAND 2 (2019) Overview


‘They’re coming for dinner. You’re the main course.’

Monsterland 2 aka Monster Land 2 is a 2019 American/British horror anthology feature film produced by Evan Tramel. It is composed of a series of shorts directed by:

  • Jonathan Holbrook and Elena Stecca – ‘Brace Face’
  • Corey Norman – ‘White Drift’
  • Arlen Konopaki – ‘Wormbug’
  • Ben Steiner – ‘The Flea’
  • Patrick Rea – ‘Justice Served’
  • Charlie Phoenix, Kayden Phoenix – ‘A simple procedure’

The Wow Now Entertainment production stars Peter Oldring, Damien Maffei, Kristi Ray, Adaryn Healy and Sean Charmichael.

This compilation is a follow-up to Monsterland (2016) and has been released on VOD and DVD by Uncork’d Entertainment.


As monsters continue to destroy the world, we travel around the globe where stories of strange beasts and epic creatures are all too common. Beware a young girl with a brace on her face, she may just eat you alive if you aren’t looking.

Watch out for werewolves, vampire hunters in Highgate, North London, and monsters that eat you from the inside out. No one is safe when the monsters are hiding amongst us and within…

Running time:

73 minutes