NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: RESURRECTION (2012) Reviews and overview


‘When the sun goes down, the terror begins’
Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection is a 2012 British horror film directed by James Plumb (Little Monster; Kerb Crawlers; Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming) from a screenplay co-written with prolific producer Andrew Jones (Bundy and the Green River Killer; Jurassic Predator; Robert the Doll franchise; et al).

The Northbank Entertainment/Mad Science Films Production movie stars: Sule Rimi, Kathy Saxondale, Lee Bane and Terry Victor.

In 2012, the deceased have risen from their graves with only one instinct-to feed on the living. As academics speculate on the scientific cause of the phenomena, theologians point to the Armageddon foretold in the Book of Revelation.

As the cities are overrun and civilization crumbles, a family take refuge from the undead army in an isolated farmhouse in West Wales. But the greatest threat is already among them…

“It’s difficult to stay awake during this soporific film which has no more connection with Romero’s classic than anything else out there […] The leads give strong performances, supporting cast less so. Much of the ‘music’ is a continuous high-pitched hum. Digitally added film grain and scratches are superfluous.” MJ Simpson, 21st Century British Horror Films, Volume 2: White Settlers and Women in Black, 2021

“It’s too weak and tedious to cultivate its own identity, so it uses the Night of the Living Dead crutch to seep in to consumers wallets. Director James Plumbs’ zombie picture is yet another terrible and dunderheaded indie zombie film that fails to re-think the sub-genre.” Cinema Crazed

Resurrection has several novel ideas that are overshadowed by an otherwise routine and familiar series of events. Twenty minutes into the film, Resurrection takes a jolting turn that puts the audience on notice and warns to expect the unexpected.  It is a moment filled with promises that the movie never keeps…” Culture Crypt

“Had they called themselves The Welsh Walking Dead or Undead Resurrection, fans around the world would merely yawn at another excuse for hackneyed dread. By linking up to the kind of socially minded scary movies Romero made, there’s the promise of polish and professionalism, though little actually exists.” DVD Talk

“The supposed homages to the Romero classic fall so flat that it’s almost deserving of a YouTube style montage involving people saying ‘ouch’ as they watch. The fresh spin that we’re expecting to see never really materialises baring one, just one moment early on.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Every character has an unpleasant and unlikeable nature which leaves the audience distanced and lacking in empathy for any of them. The group of aggressive teenagers appear lifted directly from a wannabe urban gangster film and are so nasty and malicious in their actions as to seem wholly unbelievable.” Horror News

” …despite my initial (and deep) reservations about this film, I found it incredibly hard to dislike. It has some great humour to it – “apocalypse is trending on Twitter”, some notable nods to genre classics (Rabid Grannies), some very cool zombies…” UK Horror Scene

Cast and characters:

Sule Rimi … Ben
Kathy Saxondale … Karen
Lee Bane … Kevin
Terry Victor … Gerald
Rose Granger … Jennifer
Melanie Stevens … Mandy (as Mel Stevens)
Aaron Bell … Sam
Roger Bailey … Bill
Richard Goss … Red
Richard Burman … George
S.J. Evans … Rhodes
Johnathon Farrell … Hess (as Johnny Farrell)
Adam Phillips … Clyde / Fake Shemp
Sabrina Dickens … Bonnie
Sarah Louise Madison … Eve

Technical details:
86 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital (RCA Sound Recording)

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