BLOOD REAPER (2004) Reviews and overview


‘The legend has just become a bloody reality…’

Blood Reaper is a 2004 American slasher horror feature film directed by Lory-Michael Ringuette (Tele-Zombie) from a screenplay co-written with Douglas Hensley and Michael J. Stewart. The movie stars Cameron McHarg, Alison Moon, Jerri Badenhop and Mark Siegel. Former ‘Scream Queen’ Brinke Stevens has a cameo role.


Jim (August Hanks) is driving five of his friends up to a remote cabin for a weekend getaway, but refuses to stay with them. When pressed, he tells them the urban legend of Juebel Fishman, the so-called ‘Reaper’ who is said to haunt these parts.

When Jim leaves and the friends settle in for the weekend, a mysterious killer starts picking them off one by one, in violent and inventive ways. Fighting for their lives, the remaining friends must unmask the killer and put to rest a legend that has haunted the area for years…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“After the pre-credit the film slows down and the pacing is awfully slow and even though the film has a short running time (just over 70 minutes) the film is too long and very boring. Add to this that it´s badly shot, badly lit and edited.” Independent Flicks

“One of those poorly-shot,, shockingly-framed, badly-lit, absymally-acted, dismally-edited, awfully-written dull DV horror films. An absolute waste of time and the £1 I spent on it.” Paul Doherty, Letterboxd

“I honestly cannot recommend this to even the most hardened slasher fan, because with an almost complete lack of gore, an interesting killer or even slightly imaginative or fun kills even the most basic criteria for a slasher film are not fulfilled.” Ruptured Reviews

“Ringuette tries a few adventurous shots, which include some underwater photography and the odd sequence that had been well thought out. Unfortunately, these few pluses don’t cover up the fact that Reaper commits the worst of all cinematic crimes and that’s boredom.” Luisito Joaquín González, A Slash Above…

“Long, boring sequences of individuals milling silently amongst trees while the camera bobs behind branches pad out the eighty minutes, while the audience pleads for someone to put us out of our misery […] The intermittent gory murders are sloppy and unrealistic…” Hudson Lee, Vegan Voorhees

Cast and characters:

  • Brinke Stevens … Sosha
  • Lory-Michael Ringuette … Ranger
  • Bobby Mackey … Randall Dewey
  • Cameron McHarg … Tim
  • Alison Moon … Leann
  • Jerri Badenhop … Katie
  • Mark Siegel … Don
  • Charlene Amoia … Kristi
  • Bernard Mann … Wesley
  • Emalie Ortega … Molly
  • August Hanks … Jim
  • Peter Carlstrom … Brad
  • Micki Schloss … Mr. Baldwin
  • Michelle Rudy … Office lady
  • Terry Rudy … Copy boy

Filming locations:

  • Stanislaus National Forest, California
  • Yolo County, California
  • Yosemite Pines RV Park – 20450 Old Highway 120, Groveland, California