Homewrecker – Canada, 2019

Homewrecker is a 2019 Canadian comedy horror feature film about two women that befriend each other, only for one to become obsessed with the other.

The movie was directed by Zach Gayne from a screenplay co-written with Precious Chong and Alex Essoe (Doctor Sleep; Starry Eyes), both of whom star, alongside Kris Siddiqi.


Michelle (Alex Essoe) meets Linda (Precious Chong) at a yoga class. Linda’s wide-eyed enthusiasm is clearly off-putting, but Michelle’s aversion to conflict makes it difficult for her to brush off the increasingly pushy woman. Things escalate once Linda asks Michelle to redecorate her home and refuses to let her leave…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The ending gives a satisfying finish to the battle of wills, but it’s marred a bit by familiar reveals we’ve seen before. Even still, Gayne and these two fearless leading ladies have unleashed a warped thriller that will leave you laughing and cringing.” Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting

” …it’s gleefully uncomfortable and very effective in teasing out the ways that women justify abusive and cruel behaviour, as well as the absurdity of the messages society sends them about how to get along. Gayne’s Technicolor palate lends it a manic edge and both leads are excellent, Chong naturally stealing the show but Essoe more than capable of holding her own in the less showy role.” Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

“Tightly comic, the film’s attention to aesthetic details on the level of music and image contribute to its delirious, watchable tone […] All of this is glued together by the two central performances: a demurely neurotic Alex Essoe and a manically obsessive Precious Chong.” Justine Smith, Fantasia

Homewrecker is in turns hilarious, awkward and kind of heartbreaking. A simple setup and excellent writing, anchored by two great performances, Homewrecker is a lo-fi winner.” Ryan Morrissey-Smith,  Haddonfield Horror

” …you will probably guess a few of the plot twists ahead of time, but it doesn’t matter. You’re in it with the two lead characters so it’s only natural that you come to the same conclusions that they do. Wherever you get the chance, you should definitely check out Homewrecker.” Nadja Houmoller, Heaven of Horror

“If you’re in the mood for something a little unusual with some stellar female leads then Homewrecker is the film for you. A triumph of indie filmmaking, one that isn’t afraid to wear its kookiness on its sleeve.” Kat Hughes, The Hollywood News

“As a director, Gayne employs a good variety of styles to pump up the volume, especially in the post-‘getting to know you’ phase of the story. The underlying dramatic themes are present, without using a symbolic sledgehammer — though the literal sledgehammer proves to be quite handy as events get more and more physical.” Peter Martin, Screen Anarchy

Cast and characters:

  • Precious Chong … Linda
  • Alex Essoe … Michelle
  • Kris Siddiqi … Robert / Bobby

Technical details:

74 minutes

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