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‘Any breaches of the order, are hastily being eliminated.’

The Antenna is a 2019 Turkish horror feature film set in a dystopian Turkey about a network installed by the government to monitor information that unleashes an evil entity.

Written and directed by Orcun Behram, making his feature directorial debut, Bina (original title) stars Ihsan Önal, Gül Arici, Levent Ünsal, Isil Zeynep, Murat Saglam, Elif Çakman, Mert Toprak Yadigar, Eda Özel and Enis Yildiz.


In a dystopian Turkey, the Government begins installing new TV antennas onto homes throughout the country. Mehmet (Ihsan Önal), a superintendent at a crumbling apartment complex, has to supervise the installation of the new antenna. When the broadcast it transmits begins to menace the residents of the apartment complex, Mehmet must seek out the spiteful entity…

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“The influence of Carpenter and Cronenberg are very apparent with writing that is literally on the walls. It is very focused and pensive, and things never quite spiral into insane David Lynch territory. The Antenna is a slow-burn, to say the least, and the film falls apart in the third act which is unfortunate because it did a fine job of building truly great tension.” Go See Talk

” …the film resides more in allegory than it does in genuine narrative. Yes, there is a narrative loosely applied here and characters you root for or against. Still, the film concentrates its energy on God’s eye views of sparse landscapes or ’90s era television sets […] I would ultimately not recommend this to anyone other than die-hard cinephiles and fans of last year’s Mandy.” Irish Film Critic

“The first-time writer-director takes us on a technology-infested horror trip that’s a little long and a little to the point […] The Antenna is at once an obvious and a difficult film. Its plot wanders in and out of focus as it violently subjects each apartment towards a life of conformity or elimination.” The Up Coming

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