The Assent – USA, 2019 – preview


‘It feeds on the darkness within’

The Assent is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about the possession of a young boy and an exorcist’s fight to save him.

Written and directed by Pearry Reginald Teo (The Curse of Sleeping Beauty; Ghosthunters; Dracula: The Dark Prince; Necromentia), the movie stars Robert Kazinsky, Peter Jason, Hannah Ward and Caden Dragomer.


After a series of disturbing supernatural events in his home, Joel a young single father, comes to suspect that his young son Mason (Caden Dragomer) may be possessed.

Soon, Joel receives a visit from Father Lambert (Peter Jason), a controversial exorcist whose last patient died during his treatment.

As increasing chilling occurrences begin to unfold, the priest informs a resistant Joel that unless he can successfully perform an exorcism, the devil will soon take full control of his boy…


The Assent will premiere at the 2019 Toronto After Dark film festival on October 23rd 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Robert Kazinsky … Joel
  • Peter Jason … Father Lambert
  • Hannah Ward … Cassie
  • Caden Dragomer … Mason
  • Douglas Spain … Brother Michael
  • Eileen Dietz … Rhonda
  • Margarita Reyes … Sarah
  • Ashton Riordan Teo … Shadow Demon
  • Lais Pedroso … Mom
  • Megan Henry … Miss Robertson
  • Sarah Schultz … Radio Caller
  • Luca Bleu Darnell … Possessed Boy
  • William “Will” Daubert … Corrections Officer
  • Austin McMains … Mason (Grown-up)
  • Josh Schultz … Man In Diner / Radio Host

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