Infernum – USA, 2019 – preview of found footage horror with initial reviews

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Infernum is a 2019 American found-footage horror feature film about a young woman who has been traumatised since her parents disappeared when she was young.

Written, produced and directed by Dutch Marich (Miserable Sinners; Hunting; Bleed Out), the Luminol Entertainment-Vekinis Studios production stars Suziey Block, Clinton Roper Elledge, Sarah Schoofs, Michael Barbuto, Abby Wathen and Sarah Zinsser.


There is a real-world phenomenon where strange, mysterious sounds ring across towns or regions heralding the arrival of something otherworldly. These haunting sounds happen across the globe and when heard, people disappear or die. Camille Williams has been hunting this phenomenon since the disappearance of her parents, now she has tracked the sound down when all hell breaks loose…


Infernum manages to evoke the immediacy of the best “found footage” films, with all the breathless suspense and creeping terror but without the awkward contrivances.” HK and Cult Film News


Released by Indican Pictures on December 10, 2019, on Digital and DVD.

Cast and characters:

  • Suziey Block … Camille Williams
  • Clinton Roper Elledge … James
  • Sarah Schoofs … Rita
  • Michael Barbuto … Hunter
  • Abby Wathen … Sandra
  • Sarah Zinsser … Marilyn
  • Rita Habermann … Roberta
  • Angeli R. Fitch … News Reporter (voice)
  • Susanna Wagner … News Reporter (voice)
  • Daniel Kairos … Man on the radio (voice)
  • Janlyn Williams … News Anchor (voice)
  • Amber Purinton … Dark Entity
  • Glenn Nobel … News Reporter (voice)
  • David Morales … Joe
  • F. Michael Hughes … Conductor


$220,000 (estimated)

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