RASUK 2 (2020) Reviews of Indonesian possession horror

Rasuk 2 is a 2020 Indonesian supernatural horror feature film involving possession and obviously a sequel to Rasuk (2018). Plot details are currently unavailable.

Directed by Rizal Mantovani (Kuntilanak 2; Tembang Lingsir; JailanGkung; Wewe; et al) from a screenplay written by Haqi Achmad, based on a novel by Risa Saraswati, the movie stars Nikita Willy, Achmad Megantara, Asri Welas, Raquel Katie Larkin and Sonia Alyssa.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

Since I managed to guess the direction of the plot of this film, it became less scary for me. The film had the potential to present a more involving forensic investigation, but instead provided a twist on an outdated formula […] I can only absolutely give 3 out of 10 for Rasuk 2.” Notes of Hobbies [translated from Indonesian]

“Even the possession, Rasuk 2’s supposed main theme is handled shoddily. After Isabella is possessed the first time, the spirit is cast out by the local handyman. I couldn’t keep a straight face during this exorcism. There’s never any real question of the spirit’s identity or what they want.” Voices from the Balcony

Production companies:

  • Blue Water Films
  • Dee Company
  • MD Pictures


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