The Hinsdale House – USA, 2019 – review

The Hinsdale House is a 2019 American found footage-style horror feature film about a group of actors staying in a supposedly haunted house.

Directed by and starring Steve Stanulis (Chronicle of a Serial Killer; Clinton Road) from a screenplay co-written with Derek Ross Mackay, the movie also stars Eric Freeman, Victoria Oliver and Ricardo Manigat.


Actors and crew arrive at the actual Hinsdale House in upstate New York and prepare to shoot a horror movie over the next few weeks. The owner of the property offers a very real warning of the potential dangers of such a project but the filmmakers are adamant and set up GoPro cameras in every room in the hope of recording paranormal activity that can be used in pre-publicity.

Before shooting can even start the cast and crew are subjected to the very real evil that occupies the house and surrounding woods first hand…


This brazenly cheap production lasts just over an hour which is a relief as it’s so patently a rip-off that only the most gullible idiots will be taken in by the pathetic and annoying presentation. For starters, the ‘cast’ turn up at the Hinsdale House and film themselves on their phones on a balcony that is clearly not at the same location.

We are then told about 4K GoPro cameras in every room filming everything but are subject – for the entire movie – to constant video drop-out interference of the VHS era which makes no sense and is insulting to anyone watching it. Nothing really happens beyond Steve Standulis saying “guys” a lot and when it seems to, it makes no sense and is tedious beyond any way that can be explained here. Nighttime outdoor scenes are so poorly-lit, it’s very hard to make out what, if anything, is going on.

Steve Stanulis wants your money. If you want to give it to Steve, feel free to click on the Amazon link below and find out for yourself how insultingly awful Hinsdale House is; anyone with any sense will avoid giving him any more money in the hope he never picks up a camera again. You have been warned.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES & MANIA

Hinsdale House is 65 minutes of people wandering around in the dark saying they’re scared. And doing such a bad job it’s annoying. The last half-hour features the final girl doing such a bad job of faking crying and wailing that if I wasn’t going to review it, I would have turned it off.” Voices from the Balcony 

Cast and characters:

  • Steve Stanulis … Pauly
  • Eric Freeman … Billy
  • Victoria Oliver … Kelly
  • Ricardo Manigat … Vince
  • Patricia Alves … Jasmine
  • Jimmy Berry … Tommy
  • Candice Marie Bennett … Shelly
  • Marisa Bertani … Liz
  • Aly Mang … Gia
  • Jimmy Berry … Tommy
  • Lauren S. Gordon … Casting Director
  • Lily Claire Harvey … Jackie
  • Derek Ross Mackay … The Tech
  • Sarah Musicant … Auditioner
  • Kelsey Susino … Actress at Casting Session

Technical details:

65 minutes

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