‘Sometimes evil just won’t stay dead’

The Mennonite of the Living Dead is a 2019 American comedy horror film about couples that go to a cabin for a fun weekend but encounter an Amish zombie.

Written and directed by Clayton Spinney, making his feature debut, the Barnyard Studios production stars Jeffrey S. Mueller, Mor Hall, Rick Jermain, Molly Moss, Rowan Titus and Marcus Lawrence.


Six thirty-somethings try to spice up their stale marriages with a weekend of drinking and swapping partners at a secluded cabin in the woods. Meanwhile, an Amish farmer’s corpse is resurrected when a satanic ritual goes awry, and his murderous rampage soon stops the couples’ fun and frolicking dead…


The Mennonite of the Living Dead is available on Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

  • Jeffrey S. Mueller … Jeremy
  • Mor Hall … Stacey
  • Rick Jermain … Stranger
  • Molly Moss … Andrea
  • Rowan Titus … Jessica
  • Marcus Lawrence … Matthew
  • Ginger Miroy … Chastity
  • Joshua Sanders … Kevin
  • Steven Lowry … Ghoul

Technical details:

  • 72 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 16: 9

Fun Facts:

This film was primarily shot in one weekend, in a rented cabin at a state park. The crew did not have permission to film there and had to hide their activities from neighbouring cabins.

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