THE PSYCHICS (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t ignore your past.’

The Psychics is a 2019 Norwegian found footage horror feature film about a woman searching for answers surrounding the disappearance of her sister.

Written and directed by Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen, the AgendaFilm production stars Kirsti Lovas, Frank Thomas Holen Andersen and Oddrun Valestrand.

Featured Review:

…Camilla (Kirsti Lovas) is a journalist doing a story on psychics and their claims. As she does, things out of her past start to emerge. She decides to move the project in this direction, using her own experiences to gauge the psychics’ abilities. And maybe it will solve the disappearance of her younger sister.

Both of the psychics Frank (Frank Thomas Holen Andersen) and Astrid (Oddrun Valestrand) warn her against it. Of course, this doesn’t stop her. Soon her investigation has stirred up dangerous forces both human and supernatural.

Shot on an almost nonexistent budget, The Psychics had a crew of three and entirely improvised dialogue. The director also plays Tomas who is heard but never seen. These kinds of circumstances could, and have, derailed a production. Thankfully it seems to have had the opposite effect and brought out the best in the cast and crew.

The Psychics look quite good apart from a bit to much shaky cam. It also avoids the usual bane of no-budget films, sound problems. That’s actually even more impressive as the location where they shot the farm scenes was near an airport. The plot is a bit different from the one location type found footage film that seems to make up most of the sub-genre… [read more at Voices from the Balcony]

Other reviews:

” …writer/director Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen does a fine job of ratcheting up the suspense and providing unexpected twists. It wouldn’t be fair to provide much more information about the plot, so suffice it to say that both supernatural and crime/mystery elements are involved in this impressive chiller.” Horror Fuel


Feel free to ignore the 10/10 (!) fake review on IMDb from the same ‘person’ that gave Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen’s short The Unhappy Woman 10/10 too. Such blatantly obvious abuses of IMDb’s admittedly useless scoring system do not help the reputation of any filmmakers in the longer term. And can we politely suggest that ‘MattSuperG’ (whoever he may be?) might consider removing these fake reviews to save further ignominy?