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‘Let’s get slaughtered’

Stag Hunt is a 2013 British comedy horror feature film about a stag do in Dartmoor that goes horribly wrong when the guys discover they are not alone. The movie was released in 2015.

Directed and photographed by James Shanks from a screenplay co-written with producer Neil Craske, the Dog Face Films production stars Mackenzie Astin, Neil Cole, Chris Rogers and Donald Morrison.

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“The humor element is probably the movie’s biggest weakness. It works in the beginning, but the latter half sees it come and go, and at times becomes entirely unrealistic […] With some good cinematography in places, decent acting performances, and some solid bits of tension…” MadCetologist

” …this film is just a lot of fun. It is not scary, it’s doesn’t have Oscar level performances, not much blood and gore, nothing supernatural, and not one iota of originality, but what it does have it oodles of style. It has fun moments of humor, some honest tension, believable interactions between the characters, a bit of action…” Scared Stiff Reviews


“I’d definitely categorize Stag Hunt more as a comedy than a horror flick. The acting is quite good the cinematography though is not that impressive, but surely that is to be expected of a low budget film. Go on and give it a try.” What You Need to Watch


Stag Hunt is streaming on Amazon Prime in the UK, USA and other territories.

Cast and characters:

  • Mackenzie Astin … Spencer
  • Neil Cole … Pete
  • Chris Rogers … Andy
  • Donald Morrison … Jason
  • Julie T. Wallace … Mary

Technical details:

94 minutes


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