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Beyond the Shadows is a 2020 American comedy horror feature film about a team of fake paranormal investigators who find themselves dealing with real ghosts.

Written and directed by David James Gustafson, the Great Gus Productions movie stars Tyler Roy Roberts, Sam Olive, Weston Hedin and Derrick Woodrin.


Ghosts aren’t real. That’s why Drexler Faust and his Beyond the Shadows crew fake them for their show.

Wanting more fans, Drex and the gang head to the Chetco River Lodge to explore the paranormal activity of the massacred Native spirits from before. The only problem this time – the ghosts are real…

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” …a film that sure has its suspense and sudden shocks in all the right places, but also ever so often veers off into parody without ever going full moronic, and the film is also clever enough to not stick slavishly to the found footage approach but give us a properly edited movie instead. And a very capable cast playing a bunch of very colourful characters really make this lots of fun to watch.” Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

  • Tyler Roy Roberts … Drexler Faust
  • Sam Olive … Jonathon Coxman
  • Weston Hedin … Sammy
  • Derrick Woodrin … Bryan
  • Ty Boice … Monty
  • Cameron Lee Price … Doctor Calvin Harding
  • Stevie Mae … Doctor Emma Bright
  • Brianna Paige Dague … Ashley
  • Lindsay Gustafson … Eve
  • Alex McIntire … Keith Harding
  • Tyler Ryan … Rooster
  • Apostolos Gliarmis … Lou
  • Bri Dague … Ashley Furrows
  • Ella Anderson … Holly
  • Gabrielle Malate … Phantasma

Technical details:

93 minutes


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