BEHIND THE TREES (2019) Reviews and overview

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‘Never look back’

Behind the Trees is a 2019 American horror film about an American couple that witnesses the exorcism of a young girl and intervenes.

Directed by Vikram Jayakumar from a screenplay co-written with Arjun Grover, the Rania Sky Studios production stars Vanessa Curry, Sahil Shroff, Subrat Dutta and Tvisha Seema.


While on a romantic getaway in the Indian wilderness, a couple from Los Angeles accidentally witness the haunting exorcism of an eleven-year-old girl. They decide to rescue her…


“Like the last half an hour, the final scene of the movie wraps things up really well, so aslong as you can get through that middle third there is stuff to enjoy here. Behind the Trees isn’t like every other exorcism movie but it needed something extra to really stick out from the pack.” Nerdly

Behind the Trees had its good parts, such as a lovely setting, a few creepy moments and good creature design. It also had its weaknesses such as dull protagonists and a prologue and epilogue that were not needed.” The Rotting Zombie


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Cast and characters:

Vanessa Curry … Amy Edwards
Sahil Shroff … Jay Nayar
Subrat Dutta … Navin
Tvisha Seema … Asha
Tanvi Shinde … Tanvi
Apoorva Arora … Apoorva
Mohit Hiranandani … Mohit
Abheer Meherish … Abheer
Rhea Harwani … Maya
Rajesh Arya … Exorcism Priest
Jennifer Champion … Head Pediatrician
Nolan Dotinga … Child Patient
Lauren Fiala … Child Patient’s Mother
Brett Lawrence … Child Patient’s Father

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California
New Dehli, India

Technical details:

86 minutes


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