PARTS UNKNOWN (2018) Reviews and overview


‘All beauty must die’

Parts Unknown is a 2018 American horror feature film written, edited and directed by Richard Chandler (Ted Bundy Had a Son; Witch Hunt; Heaven and Hell). The Boston Film Family production stars Sarah Michelle, William DeCoff, Lizzie Havoc and Stephen Cwiok.


After putting their bodies on the line for countless years, the Von Strasser family of professional wrestlers seek a brand new way to satisfy an insatiable bloodlust…


With its nauseating macho (male and female) moronic characters, a script that consists of them shouting “fuck” or “fuckin’” every other word, over-acting by the generally amateurish cast that plays these unpleasant “fucks”, poorly placed camera shots, an incredible lack of editorial oversight (this lasts almost two punishing hours – why?), some cheapo gore, much talk of the swamp with little swamp and clichéd pink/green 80s-style lighting that makes everything seem even more unpleasant, Parts Unknown is a contender for the latest low-budget movie you need to avoid… forever.

The only positive in this depressingly inane effort is the upbeat, and yet totally inappropriate, dancey synth soundtrack (yes, it’s occasionally dancey and some tracks were clearly just incorporated) by André Fernandes and Michael Shiraef.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“A very fun film to watch. An exciting and colorful homage to the world of professional wrestling as well as the human races ability to stockpile bad energy over good. I would recommend Parts Unknown to anyone who enjoys wrestling, blood, breasts, Satan, and genital mutilation.” The Blood Shed

“It’s an entertaining watch that has some issues […] With Parts Unknown, Richard Chandler creates some interesting and chaotic characters that take viewers on a wild ride. From start to finish, you never know what they’re going to do next and that’s definitely the film’s charm.” Cinema Smack

” …what promised to be dumb-but-fun schlock became plain schlock. Parts Unknown starts off as a silly, grimdark way to see some blood and nudity. But then it falls into bad Spawn comic territory and does not return. It is not the worst thing in the world, but when it comes to occult drama, wrestling flicks, or even blood & boobs, there are better offerings out there.” Cryptic Rock

“As entertaining as Parts Unknown is, it does run out of steam as the occult side of things take over from the wrestling side of things. The plot begins to drift away it starts to resemble something more like a comic book than a grindhouse exploitation flick. It’s pretty unique though and there is plenty of fun to be had if you can stomach the hefty dose of gore.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“It is nothing short of being a vile, tasteless, waste of time that has not a single redeeming quality about it. If I a gun to my head and was asked to say one positive thing it would be that the lighting was great, every despicable scene of senseless violence and cruelty was lit beautifully.” Horror Buzz

“Sarah Michelle is both outrageous and entertaining in the role of Kitty Von Strasser. She’s ultra-violent and unpredictable throughout the movie. Lizzie Havoc does a great job as Lacey Tormada in her first movie role.” Indie Horror Online

“At just under two hours, Parts Unknown would benefit from some serious trimming and tightening. Certain sequences are just too cheap and dragging to invest in, but will often be followed with moments that force you to sit up and re-evaluate. With a plot taking in wrestling, demons, revenge, family feuds and a potential apocalypse, Parts Unknown undoubtedly has bags of ambition, even if it doesn’t all make it to the screen.” Scream magazine

“The campy goofiness and unexpectedly mental story (in case you missed it: crazy wrestling family killing people at the behest of a swamp demon while being tracked by an immortal probation officer) manage to override the more cringe-inducing moments, building enough goodwill to carry you through to the end.” Starburst


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Main cast:

• William DeCoff … Hermann Von Strasser
• Alexandra Cipolla … Mary Price / Mother of Mercy
• Sarah Michelle … Kitty Von Strasser
• Lizzie Havoc … Lacey Tormada
• Alexander Hauck … Harvey Von Strasser
• Ralph Regine … Gary Wilkerstein
• Christina Costello … The Holiness
• Stephen Cwiok … Karl Von Strasser
• Jake Roberts … The Holiness (voice)
• Melantha Blackthorne … Lydia
• Brian Schiedel … The Jobber
• Ray Hryb … Bruno
• Oselito Joseph … Cutter
• Brandon Webb … Self
• Franky Vain … Self
• Paul M McAlarney … Mike
• Rachel Gordon … Maria
• James Balsamo … DJ / Talk Show Host
• Georgia Rose Matlack Georgia Rose Matlack … Young Lacey Tormada
• Ken Holmes … Ben (Male Victim)
• Jack Caron … Josh (Male Victim)
• Robert Tye … Interviewer
• Erik Johnsen … Mugger
• Arthur Bergoli … Doctor (as Arthur Bregoli)
• Gary Lee Vincent … Father


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