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‘The game is afoot’

Enola Holmes is a 2020 British mystery crime thriller feature film about the titular character’s search for her missing mother.

Directed by Harry Bradbeer (Fleabag; Dickensian) from a screenplay written by Jack Thorne (The Secret Garden) based on the book series by Nancy Springer, the movie stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Helena Bonham Carter, Fiona Shaw, Adeel Akhtar, Frances de la Tour and Louis Partridge.

Enola Holmes 2 will be released in 2022.


England, 1884 – a world on the brink of change. On the morning of her 16th birthday, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) wakes to find that her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) has disappeared, leaving behind an odd assortment of gifts but no apparent clue as to where she’s gone or why.

After a free-spirited childhood, Enola suddenly finds herself under the care of her brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), both set on sending her away to a finishing school for “proper” young ladies. Refusing to follow their wishes, Enola escapes and goes searching for her mother in London.

When her journey finds her entangled in a mystery surrounding a young runaway Lord (Louis Partridge), Enola becomes a super-sleuth in her own right, outwitting her famous brother as she unravels a conspiracy that threatens to set back the course of history…


Enola Holmes arrives on Netflix on September 23, 2020.


“Brown is charming throughout, and the film’s plot moves fast enough to (mostly) outrun its questions and doubts. Sure, at just over two hours, it’s too long by at least 15 minutes, but perhaps the target audience wants to stay in this world for as long as possible—Henry Cavill and all.” Brief Take

” …Enola Holmes is adventurous, fun, comedic, and just the right heart-warming young adult adventure for the times. While it may not be perfect, it is beyond enjoyable for me as an adult, and I can see it being even more so for young ones watching.” But Why Tho?

” …the plot is far from stupid and certainly doesn’t feel dumbed down; it’s just simple, and that’s fine. At the end of it all it very much feels like a stepping stone to a series, and that means that there is the potential for complexity to escalate as the movies mature along with the young audience. In that sense, Enola Holmes is exactly what it needs to be.” CinemaBlend

Enola Holmes pulls in a prominent lead performance by Millie Bobby Brown but its messy plot and lack of emotional draw makes this lengthy runtime a forgettable case.” CRP Writes

” …much of the success comes from the innate talents of Brown, but it certainly helps that the writing doesn’t dumb any concepts down, even if the entirety is a Sherlock tale for young adults, nor does it belittle or patronize its target audience. In so doing, Enola Holmes ends up being fun for anyone who is open to it.” Elements of Madness

Enola Holmes is a delightful twist on Arthur Conan Doyle’s legacy, made even more watchable thanks to Brown’s superb turn. Featuring an important message to the youth of today, this sister is well and truly doing it for herself.” The Movie Waffler

“While aimed at a teenage audience, Enola Holmes isn’t without its enjoyments for any adult supervisors, and the mystery itself is one that suits a budding teen sleuth with the energy and determination to solve it. Brown brings such delight with a joyous and fierce lead, who learns that even with good role models, she can forge her own path.” Screen Anarchy

” …Enola Holmes remains tamer and more tasteful in its high-energy storytelling than Guy Ritchie’s recent Sherlock Holmes movies, and considerably more fun than last year’s Nancy Drew reboot. What’s missing is the simple satisfaction of solving a case. ” Variety

” …Enola goes on a journey of discovery and realises that she really can be anything she wants to be, creating her own path which means that she doesn’t need to live in his shadow. What an empowering message! Girls, boys, grown-ups – this film has something for everyone. Plus it features Henry Cavill! What’s not to love?” We Have a Hulk

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