GET THE HELL OUT (2020) Reviews and overview


Get the Hell Out is a 2020 Taiwanese horror feature film about a virus that transforms scheming politicians into ravenous zombie mutants.

Directed by I-Fan Wang – making his feature debut – the movie stars Bruce Hung, Francesca Kao, Megan Lai, He-Hsuan Lin, Tsung-Hua To and Chung-wang Wang.


Wang Yo-Wei works as a security guard at the parliament and is regarded as a loser by others. One day, he gets involved in an incident which costs Xiong Ying-Ying, a Member of Parliament, her job. Xiong then asks Wang to stand for the by-election, and she will help him win the seat. Therefore, a loser becomes a new MP.

One day in the new session, as a fatal virus is spreading inside the parliament, the MPs are infected and become zombies! Strangely, Wang proves to be the only one immune to the virus. Together with Xiong, they not only fight their way out but save many lives…

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“The comedy is broad, the violence gleeful and gruesome, and the satire unsubtle. Even as they wield axes and nail clippers, anything that might help them get the hell out, they continue to wheel and deal, consummate politicians, the vote never quite forgotten […] Get The Hell Out is loud and exhilarating, and in a guilty pleasure kind of way, it’s actually pretty fun.” Assholes Watching Movies

” …Get the Hell Out skews the volatile political situation in Taiwan and elevates the insanity to a seizure-inducing level. Every minute seems to showcase something crazier than the last, and the film flies by at an unfathomably quick pace. Some may find it exhausting but Get the Hell Out is worth seeking out as a purely visceral experience…” Bad Feeling

“The whole film is so gleefully obsessed with having a good time, being ridiculous and making audiences laugh, you can’t help but watch with a big grin on your face. Get the Hell Out is the cinematic equivalent of cotton candy, but that’s also its single greatest selling feature: if you want an adrenaline shot of gory slapstick entertainment right before a sugar crash, then this is the film for you.” Bloody Disgusting

“What ultimately makes Get The Hell Out work was its performances as all the actors wholeheartedly commit to the crazy premise. They at least make audiences care about these characters […] Get The Hell Out is a classic mindless romp that won’t appeal to everyone but most zombie will be sure to get a kick out of this one.” Keith Loves Movies

“Most of the experience is surface-level, which is not a bad thing in and of itself […] It may not be the most insightful or focused zombie movie, it may not have the most memorable characters, but it triumphs in providing huge amounts of bloodletting, bonkers comedy, and a fast-paced, stripped-down narrative that’s bound to entertain.” Loud and Clear

“Wang’s cartoonish sensibilities ultimately ensure that Get the Hell Out probably would have tested one’s patience even as a YouTube-sized short, and it goes without saying, ultimately, that the picture’s punishing 96-minute running time is nothing short of endless to a headache-inducing extent. It’s finally impossible to envision even the most forgiving viewer walking away from Get the Hell Out satisfied…” Reel Film Reviews

Get the Hell Out‘s more culturally specific satire will fly right over the heads of a lot of viewers, and I’ll admit there’s very likely a ton that I didn’t understand, but it manages to succeed on an entirely different level for fans of gonzo action horror […] Get the Hell Out is a rousing good time with its tongue planted firmly in its cheek.” Screen Anarchy

“The jokes consistently land and the blood splatter never stops. It’s a movie that has it all which just so happens to be a blessing and a curse. Yet, for everything it lacks in focus, it still maintains infectiously charismatic energy. Armed with plenty of surprises both narratively and stylistically, I-Fan Wang’s satire is a strong debut…” Tilt

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96 minutes