Threshold (2020) review and overview of road trip curse horror

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Threshold is a 2020 American horror feature film that follows a young woman who claims to be cursed and goes on a road trip to find a cure. She persuades her estranged brother to join her. The movie was filmed entirely on an iPhone.

Directed by Powell Robinson and Patrick Robert Young (Bastard) from a screenplay written by the latter, the Big Bad Film production stars Madison West, John Terrell, Joey Millin and Nadine Sondej-Robinson.


Threshold will have its North American premiere at Salem Horror Fest 2020 during its first weekend starting October 2nd.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …the film remained interesting without ever showing any of the screwed-up events that happen to Virginia. But as a road trip movie, it may have been able to layer these events better as the siblings attempt to reconstruct their bond. Things in Threshold start off so strong out of the gate that as the audience approaches the climax of the film, interest has waned.” 25 Years Later

Cast and characters:

Madison West … Virginia
John Terrell … Jeffrey
Joey Millin … Leo
Nadine Sondej-Robinson … Mom


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Not to be confused with Threshold (2016) directed by Jason Eric Perlman and starring stars Trilby Glover, Randy Wayne and Leslie Stevens, or Threshold (2018) directed by Brian Kelly Jones and George Kaplan and starring Clayton Haymes, Julia Gallagher and Shelby Suzanne.


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