BOTTLE MONSTER (2020) Review and overview


‘The next evolution of horror’

Bottle Monster is a 2020 American science fiction horror film about a struggling alcoholic mother who is battling her monstrous addiction. She moves to a new house with her young son where she is confronted by a real-life monster that has been created from scorpions by a mad scientist…

Directed and written by Marjorie DeHey, the Bottle Monster Films production stars Billie Proffitt, Willie Aames, Liam Attridge, Kim Estes, Tammie Baird and Ryker Overacker. Produced by Marjorie DeHey and Paul Overacker.

Special makeup effects were provided by Tracy Du and Ariana Garcia.

Release date:

Bottle Monster is released on August 3, 2021.




Writer-director Marjorie DeHey has said: “For me, the true horror of Bottle Monster is Allison’s internal struggle. The monster, while real, is a reflection of Allison’s darkness and self-loathing. Allison wants to ask for help but she doesn’t know-how. She wants to be a good mother, but the tragic and haunting events of her life drive her to find solace at the bottom of a bottle. Her son is forced to grow up too fast and they are pushed into fighting an atrocity that they cannot truly comprehend.”

Cast and characters:

Billie Proffitt … Allison Key
Willie Aames … George
Liam Attridge … Jack
Kim Estes … Officer Estes
Tammie Baird … Officer Stryker
Bob Clendenin … Exterminator
Wayne Wilderson … Exterminator
Rachel Rath … Nurse Kyra
Roberto Garcia … Doctor Frank
Ruby Pedroza … Lizzie Frank
Paul Overacker … Todd Hotterson
James DiLullo … Steve Key
Ryker Overacker … Theo Key

Filming locations:

Burbank, California

Technical details:

91 minutes


Ignore the obviously fake 10/10 ‘reviews’ posted on IMDb. Why do filmmakers and/or their friends try to scam movie fans like this?


Beyond its atrocious title, Bottle Monster is a truly dismal viewing experience. It presents itself as a serious drama about a mother with alcohol addiction and parenting issues and we have to wade through well over an hour of dull flatly-filmed set-up with zero suspense or tension until when the promised creature finally makes its presence felt. It’s 80 minutes (!) before we actually get to see the critter properly when it attacks a couple of cops.

Prior to this poorly-staged ‘action’, we also have to suffer some appalling dialogue and acting, especially from the young boy who is clearly the producers’ son. Even when there’s a flashback to the scientist who somehow created the beastie and his daughter, the actors both seem utterly bored. There is simply no reason to watch Bottle Monster. It’s enough to make anyone want to grab some booze out of frustration.

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