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4×4 is a 2019 thriller film about a thief that breaks into a specialised car but a special security system then keeps him trapped inside.

Directed by Mariano Cohn from a screenplay co-written with Gastón Duprat, the Argentinian-Spanish movie stars Peter Lanzani, Ailén Mazioni, Dady Brieva and Fabio Alberti.


A high-end 4×4 is parked on a street of a typical neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. A man breaks into it to steal whatever he can find, but when he tries to get out, the doors and windows lock the 4×4 just like an armoured bunker. The situation is distressing: he is trapped. Someone on the outside is in control of the vehicle, and they seem to have a plan…


“The success of Cohn’s film rests almost entirely on the performance of Lanzani, and he turns in a remarkable performance that runs the gamut of emotions from disbelief to dawning horror as the reality of his plight – no food, no water, no way out – begins to sink in. It’s a corker of high concept plotting and one that’ll make anyone in the audience think twice about breaking into another person’s property.” The Austin Chronicle

“With the first proper dialogues kicking in no sooner than 15 minutes in, it’s smart, unpretentious filmmaking at its purest, and it’s just a pity that the ending doesn’t quite stick to the compact form. Another small triumph for Cohn, then – perhaps not all that surprising, given his solid track record, but it’s certainly a tantalising, brand-new direction.” Cineuropa

“It’s fun watching Ciro use all of his ingenuity to seek escape, and Lanzani does better at keeping us engaged than a lot of actors might with such thin material […] The movie doesn’t lose steam until we leave the vehicle in order to resolve the plot. As long as we’re confined to a small space (relatively speaking; those SUVs are pretty roomy) we’re caught in the thrill of Ciro’s struggle for survival.” Crooked Marquee

“Cohn is working with complex social issues here, but tries to wrap things up too fast and too neatly […] Still, the simmering that precedes the fizzle showcases how much can be done with so little. 4×4 can’t maintain an entire trip on cruise control, but while that tense, claustrophobic ride lasts, its an entertaining one.” Goomba Stomp

4×4 is lean, fascinatingly detailed, and punches into overdrive when excitement is most needed. A breezy watch packed tight with intensity whether it’s Peter Lanzani’s lonesome performance or Cohn’s take on societal victimization across all fronts. Lines are blurred, lives are risked, and it all makes for some enthralling lockbox horror as we watch from the backseat.” Slash Film

Filming locations:

Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina

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