LA CASA (2019) Reviews and overview of Chilean horror

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La Casa is a 2019 Chilean horror film about a police officer who is trapped in an old house where violent and paranormal events occur. The disturbing, terrifying scenes were shot in real-time, apparently.

Written, scored and directed by Jorge Olguín (The Shape of Fear), the movie stars Gabriel Cañas, Carol Campos, Camila Carreño, Carlos Cortez and Felipe Silva Rodriguez.


Based on the chilling urban legends about Casa Dubois, located in Quinta Normal, Santiago – a property with allegedly the largest number of records and testimonies of paranormal phenomena in Chile – in the 1980s a police officer responds to an urgent call and becomes trapped by the evil spirits of a cursed house. Searching for an escape, he must battle against the malevolent forces which are determined to drag him to Hell itself…


“The best way to describe La Casa would be to call it “lean and mean.” Running a tight seventy-five minutes, it moves quickly, plunging you into a nightmare scenario, scaring the crap out of you, and then pulling you back out. This Latin American import offers a special experience certain to please anyone looking for inventive horror.” The Aisle Seat


“As the only character we spend any time with in the film, Gabriel Cañas does a great job of selling Arriagada’s increasing fear as he moves deeper into the sprawling house and encounters its jump-scare ghosts that seem dead set on not letting him leave alive. La Casa goes into some incredibly dark territory in its final scenes, and Cañas is riveting in those moments…” Bad Feeling magazine

“Thankfully Carpintero eschews the shaky-cam nonsense for a far less dizzying and much more effective approach that lies somewhere between video game and broadcast news styles […] Olguín, who also wrote and performed the electronic score for La Casa, has crafted an effective supernatural outing. Recommended…” The Scariest Things


In the USA, La Casa will be released by Dread on Digital platforms on January 19th and Blu-ray on February 2nd 2021.


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