THE POND (2021) Reviews of surreal Serbian horror


The Pond is a 2021 Serbian horror film about an anthropologist on the verge of an apocalyptic discovery who begins to descend into madness – his hallucinations reveal that something sinister is after him…

Directed by Petar Pasic from a screenplay written by Dusan Bulic, the movie stars Marco Canadea, Leslie Kunz and Paul Leonard Murray.


“Visually, The Pond is a wonderful film loaded with symbols and beautifully-framed shots. Even if the film fails in every other respect, you have to give the director and set designer credit for creating such amazing imagery […] For most average viewers, this is one obtuse beast that all but requires a good eye and fairly strong knowledge of Catholic/Christian faith.” Horror News

“There’s a lot of tension in the confusion of what is reality and what is a hallucination. And it does payoff in the end. Not to give anything away, but the finale that provides “answers” while still being a tad off kilter. The movie doesn’t kill the tone or the tension. The Pond is perfect if you need a night of high tension folk nightmares in the countryside.” Inside Pulse

The Pond often bites off more than it can chew. Regardless, I would much rather a movie have grand ambitions and miss the mark on a few of them than not to try at all. The Pond is still on my mind, and to me, that is the measure of the success of a film.” Screen Anarchy


The Pond is released on Digital and On-Demand by Shout Factory on February 23rd 2021.


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