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‘Let the hunt begin’

Daughter of the Wolf is a 2019 Canadian action thriller about a female military veteran who hunts the men who kidnapped her son.

Directed by David Hackl (Saw V, Grizzly) from a screenplay written by Nika Agiashvili. The movie stars Gina Carano (Fast & Furious 6, Haywire), Brendan Fehr (The Night Shift, Final Destination) and Richard Dreyfuss (Red; Jaws).


Clair Hamilton, an ex-military specialist, comes home when her father passes away. Unfortunately, after getting news that she has inherited a large sum of money, her son is kidnapped. Instead of seeking help, she captures one of the kidnappers, using him to track down her son…



“No way is Richard Dreyfuss gonna do anything of note so he needed that right-hand man to do his fighting. Too bad they didn’t pull the trigger on Sydelle Noel’s character because she could and should have been on screen more. Definitely, some missed opportunities in terms of action but a fun watch considering the short runtime and the simple plot.” Bulletproof Action

“Doing a great job with her leading role, Carano’s portrayal of Gina is strong, powerful, and determined. As she stoically stomps through the snow-covered mountains in search of her son, there is no doubt that she could survive all of the dangers blocking her path. As for Dreyfuss’s Father, a talented actor, his role is the perfect foil to the unwavering nature of Clair.” Cryptic Rock

“While I did like the concept of leaping right into the action, the resulting attempts to fill in the backstory are painfully clunky and add little if anything. It’s definitely a case where less would have been more: simply making it Clair vs. the kidnappers should have been sufficient. We certainly don’t need a distaff cross between two Liam Neeson films, Taken and The Grey.” Girls with Guns


Daughter of the Wolf is a pretty dull and tedious affair, plodding along at a slow pace as Carano and Fehr do little but trudge through the snow on their long journey to Father’s hideout […] Haywire proved she’s capable of headlining a well-made action vehicle, but that’s not what she gets here with its predictable plot, clumsily-staged shootouts, primitive CGI splatter, and phone-app-level explosions.” Good Efficient Butchery

“There are a few CGI shots in which the movie (really) shows its budget, but otherwise, the film looks pretty good. Granted, the filmmakers did have the beautiful wintery scenery of British Columbia to utilize for shots, so it would have been majorly disappointing had the movie not at least looked nice. Overall, Daughter of the Wolf fell flat on many levels.” Popaxiom


“I don’t know if Dreyfuss was under the impression that this is a B film decided that going full cartoon character was the right call but it wasn’t. Next thing you know, cannon fodder characters start showing up like roaches with the light off and the film becomes too overbooked. Despite the low-budget craziness, the film offers enough to be an ok film.” Society Reviews

“Yup, Carano can act. Yup, Carano has some searing screen presence, and yup, Carano can sure as heck make loading a firearm seem coldly badass. Unfortunately, the movie around her is wolves symbolism hooey. It doesn’t quite measure up as this “wolf” is kept at bay.” Views on Film

Release date:

In the UK, Dazzler Media will release Daughter of the Wolf on DVD and Digital on 3rd May 2021.

Cast and characters:

Gina Carano … Clair Hamilton
Richard Dreyfuss … Father
Brendan Fehr … Larsen
Sydelle Noel … Hobbs
Anton Gillis-Adelman … Charlie
Brock Morgan … Virgil
Stew McLean … Seth
Chad Riley … Nolan
Joshua Murdoch … Phillip

Filming locations:

British Columbia, Canada

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Image credits: Jessica and Andy Schlamp http://www.jessica-andy.ca @jessandyphoto


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