THE CHANGED (2021) 13 reviews of Body Snatchers sci-fi horror movie

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‘By this time tomorrow, there will be no one like you left, anywhere.’

The Changed is a 2021 American science fiction horror film about a group of ordinary people who band together in a suburban home. Together, they battle the imposters who have replaced their families, friends, and neighbours.

Directed by Michael Mongillo (Diane; Being Michael Madsen; The Wind) from a screenplay co-written with Matt Giannini.

The Mean Time Productions movie stars Tony Todd, Clare Foley, Nina Wisner, Erik Bloomquist, Kathy Searle, Jason Alan Smith, Margaret Rose Champagne and Carlee Avers.

Something has taken possession of the hearts and minds of the populace. Kim, Mac, and Jane try to convince themselves it’s paranoia, but before long the city is besieged by The Changed.

By the time they realise an alien intelligence has merged with their neighbour, Bill (Tony Todd), a horde of The Changed are amassing outside their suburban home…


“You don’t have to see it as a political movie, but, again, I think there is a message there. The Changed is a terrific low-budget sci-fi thriller. Unsettling and weird, it should satisfy and entertain genre movie nerds the world over.” 411 Media

The Changed ultimately goes for mood over spectacle, offering a slow burn quality which makes for a sobering watch that will resonate with many in the pandemic era.” Bloody Flicks

“While the story was hardly original, The Changed still dares to ask the question of whether a life without any form of challenges or hardships is really any kind of life at all. By the time the end credits roll, most of us will be feeling a newfound appreciation of our own existences, and even for the obstacles and occasional dead ends we all inevitably face.” Dread Central

“Coronavirus parallels are suggested but not laboured, and the whole movie could be read as a metaphor for how miserable lockdown was. Despite times when it forgets to show, don’t tell, The Changed is a worthwhile addition to the “They’re coming!” subgenre of sci-fi horror.” Electric Shadows

” …it really owes its success to its cast and to Mongillo’s ability to ratchet up the tension, making stillness more intense than action […] a worthy addition to the Body Snatchers canon – perhaps not the most dramatic, but certainly one of the most chilling.” Eye for Film

“It’s not a bad film, it just feels like a missed opportunity as it pays more of a homage to the previous films and does not elevate the material. Likewise, we’ve seen these characters before. Ultimately, it feels like an exercise that could have more easily been addressed with a short film than a feature, which likely could have been more engaging given the format.” Fears Mag

The Changed is telling a story that has been told before. But, the writers have managed to create something compelling and different, thanks to the themes and excellent characterizations. Combine that with the stellar cast and fantastic ending, and you have a title to seek out as soon as possible.” Film Threat

” …interesting ideas arrive only fleetingly throughout a film which can’t quite muster up enough consistent suspense, while simple camera setups and staging result in a somewhat unfussed aesthetic […] The real attraction for many will be Candyman star Todd’s supporting appearance…” Flickering Myth


“With so much to unpack, The Changed is a film that takes time to digest. When watching initially, given the content of the story, presumptions based on past similar titles may cloud your judgement. Push them to the side though and you’ll discover an interesting and well-acted chamber piece that explores the very fibres of the human condition.” The Hollywood News

” …I simply wasn’t persuaded by the narrative as to why I should care about this ragtag group of survivors. What we learn about them as people is minimal, thus clouding their motivations beyond surviving. So while I was wowed by the technical aspects of the film and the actor’s performances, I was left wanting more from the characters.” Horror Buzz

“One of the best “That’s not the same person I know” suspensers in recent memory, The Changed gets its point about the dangers of hive mind/groupthink mentalities across in a thrilling, entertaining manner. ” Horror Fuel

” ….there aren’t any real scares, the unique mythology behind these monsters is pretty lame, and the poor handling of the characters saps the story of any tension it may have otherwise had. Simply put, there’s just not much here for genre fans to really sink their teeth into. The only good thing about the horror in this film is Tony Todd.” Horror Obsessive

“The set-up here is that an alien (?) sentient virus spread by kissing is rapidly transforming all of humanity into calm, rational, friendly-to-the-point-of-aggression, stand-around-ominously zombies … but they still retain enough of their original personalities to be individualised, and to deter the hold-outs from just shooting them…” The Kim Newman Website

“The pacing was done well on this occasion as it builds to a dramatic third act. The actors shine later on in the film, and the casting really elevated the film overall as I felt convinced by their performances. I was especially impressed by an eerie video message broadcast to the nation…” Love Horror

” …shows that it is possible to make horror films without special effects but only by creating a disturbing atmosphere reminding, in this case, the cult film of George A. Romero’s cult film, Night of the Living Dead […] Without any bloodshed or outrageous scenes, The Changed manages to captivate and fascinate us.” Mulderville

“The associations to other genre classics do not stifle its charm, which seduces. It recalls a type of cinema from previous decades, of innocence amidst darker tones. Todd captivates with his passive-aggressiveness […] Mongillo makes a creative decision that will divide audiences, but he also shows trust in his audience to engage their imaginations with the film.” Pop Matters

” …resonates with the politics of its (and our) times – although its pared-back nature, a product in part of budgetary constraints, ensures that it is too abstract to pin down to particulars […] This is a portrait, painted in genre, of a polarised America.” Projected Figures

“The biggest problem with The Changed is the dialogue is so contrived that it loses all sense of drama and descends into parody. Which is a shame, as the players give it what they can. The legend that is Tony Todd delivers his lines with a hushed baritone manner and is the most effective part of the film.” Starburst

Choice dialogue:

Bill Costello [Tony Todd]: “No, I think we call all use a little less technology every now and then.”

Release date:

The Changed had its world premiere at the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest in London on August 27th.
The film is available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

Tony Todd … Bill Costello
Clare Foley … Kim
Nina Wisner … Skye
Erik Bloomquist … Marc
Kathy Searle … Katie Walters
Jason Alan Smith … Mac
Margaret Rose Champagne … Marlowe
Carlee Avers … Jane
Doug Tompos … Kurt
Ryan Barry McCarthy … Ethan
Madeleine Dauer … Ms Marc
Anthony Brown … Teacher Changed
Olivia Freer … Sara
Dick Boland … Brawny changed

Technical details:
1 hour 18 minutes

Film facts:
The rock song ‘Here’s Your Future’ by The Thermals plays over the end credits.


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