VAMPUS HORROR TALES (2020) Review and overview



Vampus Horror Tales is a 2020 Spanish horror anthology film revolving around five tales told by a sinister undertaker.

Directed by:
Isaac Berrocal … (segment: Segunda Cita)
Erika Elizalde … (segment: Cumpleaños)
Manuel Martínez Velasco … (segment: La Boda)
Víctor Matellano … (segment: Vampus)
Piter Moreira … (segment: Linaje)

The movie stars Saturnino García, Lone Fleming, Antonio Mayans, Almudena León, Elena Furiase, José Lifante, David Santana. Paul Naschy [Jacinto Molina Alvarez] appears in archive footage.



“There is an equal measure of laughs and chills. There are also points of sadness and shock that few anthologies have ever strived to attain. The uniformity of purpose and a set goal makes for a consistent and balanced experience. Fans of classic cinema, specifically of classic anthology horror films will not be disappointed.” Screen Anarchy

Filming locations:

Gran Canaria, Spain