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Entropy is a 2021 horror film about a young woman with cancer who becomes increasingly concerned about a sinister self-help group.

Directed and edited by Kameron Hale (Free to a Bad Home) from a screenplay written by Scott Hale (Free to a Bad Home) based on a story by Kameron Hale. Executive produced by Kameron Hale and Scott Hale.

The HaleHouse productions movie stars Miranda Nieman, Hayley Sunshine, Scott Hale, William E Newton, Tyler Joseph Campbell, Kristen Lopez and Robert Lopez.


On the same day Abby (Miranda Nieman) is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she and her girlfriend, Miranda (Hayley Sunshine), are invited to dinner by Miranda’s former self-help group to celebrate the return of their estranged friend, Scott (Scott Hale), who left to discover the origins of their practices.

Throughout the evening, Abby realises that all is not as it seems, that no one is as who they have portrayed themselves to be, and that Scott and the others have their own sinister methods by which they intend to heal her cancer-wracked body…


“When executed right, slow-burning stories can leave you feeling truly haunted. Entropy only left me feeling cold and empty by the time the end credits rolled on-screen. Also, why did this film wait for the final thirty minutes to even reveal its “twist”? It’s frustrating because every single scene leading up to that moment is pointless and boring to have to get through.” Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews

“The special effects make-up is quite good, and the slaughter sequences are equally as intriguing, but I feel like having more of the tension from that dinner scene throughout Entropy would truly cause reality to slip from one’s grasp […] Instead, the film’s tone and message is what escapes…” Films Fatale

“This would have been a decent film if we’d gotten into some strange supernatural horror like the trailer shows. Instead, Entropy spends most of its time talking. It has a bit of horror at the very end but not enough to redeem the film.” Horror Facts

“Amateurish; boring; gory; low-budget; short; slow; unfunny; unscary.” Josh Rowley

“The Hale brothers made several shorts before Entropy, and it feels like they took another short script they had sitting around and padded it relentlessly until it made it to feature-length. What little we get out of those first forty-five minutes could have been covered in about fifteen minutes if all the filler was stripped out. The final few minutes of Entropy are bloody and do have an Evil Dead sort of weirdness about them. But none of it makes a bit of sense and I never gave a damn about whether anyone made it out alive.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Entropy was released online on January 18th 2022.


Cast and characters:

Miranda Nieman … Abby
Hayley Sunshine … Miranda
Scott Hale … Scott
William E Newton … Will
Tyler Joseph Campbell … Cody
Kristen Lopez … Kristen
Robert Lopez … Robert
Kameron Hale … Guy who is early

Filming locations:

Ohio, USA


Ignore the obviously fake 10/10 “review” that has been posted on IMDb by someone presumbably involved with this film’s production.


MOVIES and MANIA says:

It takes nearly 50 minutes for something to happen in this tedious, talky and poorly-filmed narrative. And events after that don’t warrant much of a look. The fleetingly glimpsed effects are ineffectual and the camerawork is shockingly poor. The credits begin 71 minutes into an 81 minutes excuse for a feature film that’s essentially a padded short. Avoid.

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

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