MOSAIC (2022) Preview of British horror anthology



‘Multiple killers. One investigation.’

Mosaic is a 2022 British horror anthology film based around a detective investigating a number of both recent and cold case killings; is there a connection?

Directed and edited by Alexander Churchyard and Michael Holiday (I Scream on the Beach!). Produced by Andreas Schönhofen.

Segments scripted by Jamie Anniss … (“The Decorator”), Alexander Churchyard … (“Baby Babble, Sandcastles, The Nightclubber, Can’t Bear It, Fanboy and The Wrap-around”), Michael Holiday … (“The Nightclubber, Playback and Window Shopping”) and Hannah Paterson … (“Christmas Shopping and The Legend of Mary Marshall”).


Detective Foley (Simon Bamford) has a number of seemingly unrelated cases, except for one piece of recurring evidence – a disposable camera with the same image on each.

As Foley explains each case to his newly assigned colleague; Detective Wentworth, we see them play out. Mosaic is in essence a ten-part horror anthology tied together by Foley’s investigation.

Directors Alexander Churchyard and Michael Holiday have commented: “Mosaic is a great opportunity for us to create lots of different killers and work with a huge number of actors; lots of whom we have worked with in the past and then plenty of people we hadn’t worked with, such as the awesome Simon Bamford. Alongside Simon Bamford, we have other genre favourites such as Dani Thompson, Martin W. Payne and Charlie Bond.”

Main cast and characters:

Dani Thompson … Paula Valentine (Segment: Sandcastles)
Amber Doig-Thorne … Erin (Segment: Can’t Bear It!)
Stella Paris … Krystal (Segment: Strip Massacre 7)
Simon Bamford … DI Eliot Foley
Peter Tilley … SOCO Greenaway
Charlie Bond … Katie (Segment: Baby Babble)
Tony Mardon … Mr Daniels (Segments: Wrap-around and Fanboy)
Andrew Elias … Security Guard (Segment: The Nightclubber)
Michael Fausti … Mr Peacock (Segment: Stript Massacre 7)
Martin W. Payne … The Decorator (Segment: The Decorator)
Singh Lall … Detective Singh / Punter #1 (Strip Massacre 7)
James Hamer-Morton … Jamie (Segment: Baby Babble)
Reis Daniel … Chris (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Philip Andrew Rogers … The Pacifier (Segments: Baby Babble, Sandcastles and Fanboy)
Spencer Hawken … Mario (Segment: Window Shopping)
Will Jones … Ash (Segment: Playback)
Toby Roberts … Steve (Segment: The Decorator)
Andrea Sandell … Sinister Sister Abigail (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Neil Ovenell … Jake (Segment: Window Shopping)
Kurt Deed … The Nightclubber (Segment: The Nightclubber)
Sarah Swain … Michelle (Segment: Can’t Bear It!)
Eve Kathryn Oliver … Alice (Segment: Playback)
Edward Henrickson … Greg (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Daniel Lipton … John (Segment: Playback)
Denise Wilton … Mary Marshall (Segment: The Legend of Mary Marshall)
Erin Grace … Melissa Blake (Segment: Christmas Shopping)
Lutricia Norris … Helen (Segment: Playback)

Teaser trailer:

Watch the teaser trailer on YouTube

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