THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS (2021) Reviews and overview

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‘The choice is yours’
The Matrix Resurrections is a 2021 science fiction action thriller film and a belated sequel to The Matrix trilogy of films (1999 to 2003).

Directed by Lana Wachowski (Jupiter Ascending; Cloud Atlas; Speed Racer; Bound) from a screenplay co-written with David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon, based on characters co-created with Lilly Wachowski.


The movie stars Keanu Reeves, Jessica Henwick, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Christina Ricci, Carrie-Anne Moss, Ellen Hollman, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, Daniel Bernhardt, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson, Max Riemelt, Brian J. Smith, Eréndira Ibarra and Telma Hopkins.

Twenty years after the events of The Matrix Revolutions, Neo lives a seemingly ordinary life under his original identity as Thomas A. Anderson in San Francisco, with a therapist who prescribes him blue pills to counteract the strange and unnatural things he occasionally glimpses. He also meets a woman who appears to be Trinity, but neither of them recognizes the other.

However, when a new version of Morpheus offers him the red pill and reopens his mind to the world of the Matrix, which has become more secure and dangerous in the years since the Smith infection, Neo joins a group of rebels to fight a new enemy…

“It’s fine, pretty good, serviceable […] There are moments that really work, and when it’s stunningly beautiful, it is stunning, but it’s so clear that Warner Bros. wanted to make another genre-defining movie, and this just isn’t that. There isn’t anything to hate, and the things that you can like are enough to get you through a good first watch.” Bleeding Cool

“Thanks to an endearing and entertaining reunion with old friends and new ones, the two-and-a-half-hour runtime breezes by. While it relies heavily on the past, it’s more interested in examining it from a current, lived-in perspective […] This isn’t the Matrix that we met just over twenty years ago, but a modern update that builds on its legacy with surprising and often funny tenderness.” Bloody Disgusting

“While there are a lot of familiar beats in The Matrix Resurrections that harkened back to the original trilogy, I think my favorite aspect is how it examines the concept of legacy and how we consume art in general. The questions that Wachowski, Mitchell and Hemon posit throughout this sequel are thought-provoking and intriguing and left me pondering my own feelings about life, work, my creative output, the choices I’ve made and just what all of that means…” Daily Dead

” …even though the movie doesn’t have revolutionary action scenes or filmmaking this time, it still does have a revolutionary concept. The way it addresses the meta-question of what the original trilogy means and its importance, how it’s being used to control many still in the Matrix and even bigger concerns of how we’ve turned storytelling into something that is primarily used to satiate and entertain rather than to encourage and stimulate, are revolutionary ideas worked into the context of this kind of Hollywood blockbuster sequel.” First Showing

“Reeves and Moss’s chemistry is as scorching-hot as it has always been – when they talk, the actors perfectly modulate their slightly too long-held glances and micro-smiles, so that these supposed strangers still act as if they’ve known each other since the dawn of time. The Matrix Resurrections ends with a literal call to the powers of sentimentality, empowerment and freedom…” The Independent (UK)

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