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‘You think you know the one you love…’

Becoming is a 2020 American science fiction horror film about a young woman who learns her fiancé has become possessed by an entity.

Written and directed by Omar Naim (Dead Awake; The Final Cut)

The movie stars Toby Kebbell, Penelope Mitchell, Jason Patric and Jeff Daniel Phillips.

Alex (Toby Kebbell) and Lisa (Penelope Mitchell) are a couple newly engaged and deeply in love. While on a road trip, they encounter an ancient evil force that chooses Alex as its new host and begins to slowly take over his mind and body, gradually transforming him into someone terrifying and violent.

The changes are small at first. His handwriting. His body language. As Alex struggles with the horror of losing his identity, Lisa notices the shifts in the man she thought she loved. Is he falling out of love with her, or is it something far, far worse?

Lisa tracks down Kevin (Jason Patric), a damaged survivor of the entity who has dedicated his life to defeating it. Together, they must outwit an indestructible malevolence that doesn’t want to destroy Alex, it wants to be him…


Becoming is a sci-fi horror-thriller with a damn scary plot […] Also, while this movie reminded me of others, it still managed to deliver something new. Especially the cast of Becoming manages to give some wonderful performances that breathe life into this story.” Heaven of Horror

“It seems like Naim wanted to tell a good story with rich characters that also happens to have paranormal and supernatural elements. He focuses on his characters and because of that, the story surrounding them is that much better. Aside from a few scenes lasting too long and some spelt out plot points, Becoming is a film that slowly abducts you into its excellence.” Killer Horror Critic

” …the constant profusion of twists and turns proved sufficiently engaging […] I enjoyed following a film where I genuinely did not know where things were going from one moment to the next. Toby Kebbell (who also produces) establishes himself as a fine performer – his ability to snap between personalities comes with undeniable effect.” Moria

” …containing a rote flashback or two, and featuring a rather disturbing, opening scene, Becoming is a flick that suffers from severe, demon mumbo jumbo. It’s mostly build-up and that build-up works for roughly the first hour. After that, Becoming just “becomes” a little tiring in its fallen angel approach. The tension builds inch by inch but you just lose interest in the characters.” Views on Film

Cast and characters:
Toby Kebbell … Alex
Penelope Mitchell … Lisa Corrigan
Jason Patric … Kevin Lee
Jeff Daniel Phillips … Glen Hemming
Beth Broderick … Angela Corrigan
Stephen Rider … Justin Moore
Melissa Bolona … Annie
Lew Temple … Elias Lee
John Newberg … Greg Corrigan
Zander Essex … Kevin Lee aged ten
Elana Krausz … Susan
Gianni Capaldi … Doctor Andrew Kennan
Jessica Ambuehl … Newscaster
Lea Hutton Beasmore … Barbecue Guest
Sarah Cleveland … Bar Dancer

Filming locations:
Louisville, Kentucky

Technical details:
1 hour 38 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2:1


Full film free to watch online:

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