WYRMWOOD: APOCALYPSE (2022) Reviews, Blu-ray news and with new trailer


“McKenzie delivers the kind of lead performance that doesn’t tend to get many plaudits – mostly because we’ve seen this character so many times before – but he brings a commanding presence. As does Barnes Cowan, delivering a kick-@rse performance as Maxi […] Kiah Roache-Turner keeps the camera moving and the cuts regular, setting a cracking energy that’s particularly important for midnight movies like this…” The Guardian

“There is still a grungy inventiveness to the latest Wyrmwood that is appealing. The Roache-Turners also unleash all kinds of deliriously gory practical effects. It has all the elements of a successful midnight movie, but it just can’t duplicate the “magic” of the first film. Weirdly, Luke McKenzie probably gives the most memorable performance as strong, sullen Rhys.” J.B. Spins

“It’s non-stop action and gore gags, but the Roache-Turners cram in a lot of invention, with side-jokes that could be assembled into a 101 Uses for a Living Dead Person book as a world of rust and duct-tape is powered by zombies whose bad breath keeps cars on the road and who can be puppet mastered as suicide bomber shock troops by the white-eyed hybrids.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Bigger car chases and creative survival techniques accelerate the maniacal fun of the original. Other new additions in this sequel are some homage to the camera work of Raimi’s Evil Dead and some slapstick elements from Evil Dead 2 […] Clocking in at less than ninety minutes, this film delivers the goods before any of the chaotic energy dissipates.” The Movie Sleuth

“Fans of the first film will be glad to see a few returning faces, and will also be pleased to see the half-human-half-zombies are just as terrifying as ever. The Surgeon’s lab and the nefarious goings-on add another gruesome element […] There’s still a big portion of black humour on display, too, as all the elements fall into place nicely.” 4/5 Starburst

” …an enjoyable and outrageously bloody romp that made for a welcome change of pace. It’s also proof that the spirit of Ozploitation is still going strong. A false ending and the ensuing scenes point in the direction of a third film and a possible heel turn from some of the survivors.” 3.5/5 Voices from the Balcony

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse was released in Sydney, Australia, on February 1st 2022.

In the USA, Wyrmwood: Apocalypse will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by XYZ Films on May 17th 2022.

In the UK, Wyrmwood: Apocalypse will be shown at Frightfest in Glasgow on 11th March 2022. 101 Films will release the movie on Blu-ray and DVD on 16th May 2022.


“Everyone loves a great post-apocalyptic thriller! Worldwide distributors at Cannes virtual Market will not only be thrilled with the super high quality of production and visual effects but also with the story and the characters. The filmmaking team did an extraordinary job, setting new heights with this sequel to captivate worldwide fans of the first instalment as well as audiences new to the franchise,” said Arclight Films Chairman Gary Hamilton.

Cast and characters:
Luke McKenzie … Rhys
Shantae Barnes-Cowan … Maxi
Nicholas Boshier … The Surgeon General
Bianca Bradey … Brooke
Jay Gallagher … Barry
Jake Ryan … The Colonel
Tasia Zalar … Grace

A proposed TV series, Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead, has been in development for several years.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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