SUICIDE FOR BEGINNERS (2022) Reviews of dark comedy

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Suicide for Beginners is a 2022 American dark comedy film about an unhinged young man who becomes an incompetent serial killer.

Directed by Craig Thieman from a screenplay co-written with Ethan Hunter.


The movie stars Wil Daniels, Sara Tomko, Nate Panning, Julia Lehman, Sid Haig, Simon Crist, Christian Rozakis and Corey Feldman.

Insecure and unhinged, Garrett is dead set on murdering the unrequited love of his life, Mia. When he comes face to face with his victim, his awkward incompetence takes over and things quickly spiral out of control as he finds himself on a deranged path to becoming a serial killer…


Our view:
Suicide for Beginners opens in a twee manner that attempts to juxtapose the brightness of suburbia with the darkness in the mind of its lead Garrett (played by Wil Daniels). The movie aims for dark comedy and along the way, there are some laughs to be had, mainly derived from world-weary comments from the pizza guy Rick (Nate Panning) and some amusing sight gags (which shall remain undiscussed so as to avoid spoilers). There is also some vicious fun to be had when Sid Haig turns up as the landlord (some of his put-downs are priceless).

Unfortunately, the film can never get beyond the fact that its protagonist is a self-pitying whiner slimeball whose obsession with Mia (Sara Tomko) never really convinces, even as part of the would-be comedy. His increasingly self-focused mania will elicit zero audience empathy and so it’s left to the rest of the cast to maintain any interest. Their attempts to escape the psycho deliver some more decent one-liners but it all gets rather repetitive. By the time Garrett goes completely off the rails and descends into a murderous splattery spree, silliness is all the movie can offer and unfortunately it’s not enough given the previous hit-and-miss potential. Adrian J Smith

Other reviews:
“Unfortunately, Suicide for Beginners drags a lot with more and more murders which become less and less funny. Dark comedies need to be about something more than committing murder is silly. When it’s not about anything more it just becomes tasteless. Tacky and not funny.” 1.5/5 Film Gate Reviews

“Yes, Suicide for Beginners is unpleasant on a few levels. While that might give one the impression that this is some morbid and macabre comedy, the movie’s biggest offense is how its cluttered approach results in something too uncertain to be offensive.” 0.5/4 Mark Reviews Movies

In the US, Suicide for Beginners will be released by Vertical Entertainment on May 6, 2022

Cast and characters:
Wil Daniels … Garrett
Sara Tomko … Mia
Nate Panning … Rick
Julia Lehman … Abigail
Sid Haig … Barry
Christian Rozakis … Ben
Simon Crist … Timmy
Alan Boell … Sgt. Parks
Bryan Mahoney … Mr Jogger
Lee Armstrong … Wendall
Jon Etheridge … Narrator
Belinda Keller … Mrs Bowie
Emma Imholz … Crissey
Frank Corcoran … Mr McNeebs
Truman Brothers … Mitch
Jason Andrew O’Malley … Officer D. Sanchez
Jeff Babb … Hand Model
Jay A. Harmon … Chris
Anais Vasquez … Tami
Logan Wilson … Gordie
Aliam Appler … Ace
Tanner Parker … Teddy
Lexi Publicover … Penny


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