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‘Typical girls night: pizza, ice creams, games, satanic rites…’

The Nanny’s Night is a 2021 comedy horror film about a teenage babysitter who is also part of a satanic sect that requires a sacrifice.

Directed by Ignacio López from a screenplay co-written with Pedro Rivero.

The Spanish Panic in Frames production stars Ana Garberí, Almudena Salort (Malasaña 32), Vivian Milkova, Diana Penalver, Juan Carlos Vellido (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), David Santana, Javier Bodalo (The Night of the Virgin; The Devil’s Backbone), Dunia Rodriguez and veterans Antonio Mayans and Lone Fleming.


Teenager Bianka is the coolest babysitter in town, until one night, it is discovered that she belongs to a satanic sect and needs to sacrifice a young virgin…

If you can get past some obvious budgetary constraints (such as the world’s smallest darkest supermarket) and the mainly English dialogue in a Spanish movie spoken by Spanish actors (thus, for example, a burger becomes a “booger”), then The Nanny’s Night is, for the most part, a mildly entertaining tongue-in-cheek comedy horror with a few genuine laughs along the way involving rich people’s lingerie and the merits/demerits of pineapple on pizza.

Downsides include tired horror throwbacks such as the oft-seen and very clichéd red/blue lighting, clips from Night of the Living Dead (yawn), snatches of classic composer Mussorgsky’s ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ on the soundtrack and a typically crappy weak rap song over the end credits.

Despite such (knowingly used?) tropes, The Nanny’s Night may satisfy some horror fans for seventy-four minutes as long as they don’t expect too much. But they’d be advised to rewatch The Babysitter or Satanic Panic again instead.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA


Other reviews:

“Although it takes a little while to get started, the moment it does, the film becomes entertaining and fun. I liked that the director did not take his film seriously […] a black comedy full of blood and spells. The only downside I can put is that it was shot in English, not for nothing, but because the English of some of the actors took me out of the film…” Moviementarios [translated from Spanish]

Release date:
The Nanny’s Night premiered in Madrid at the Artistic Metropol on November 1st 2021.
In the US and Canada, Devilworks will release The Nanny’s Night on Premium TVOD and DVD on June 14, 2022. Buy or rent via Amazon Prime

Technical details:
1 hour 14 minutes
English language


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