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Satan’s Slaves 2: Communion is a 2022 Indonesian horror film about a family that experiences terror after the mother dies from an illness; she has returned to haunt her husband and four children. The movie is a sequel to Satan’s Slaves (2017). Also known as Satan’s Slaves: Communion

Written and directed by Joko Anwar (Impetigore; Gundala; Satan’s Slaves; The Forbidden Door).

The Rapi Films-Sky Media-Brown Entertainment-Screenplay Films production stars Tara Basro, Bront Palarae, Jourdy Pranata, Endy Arfian, Muzakki Ramdhan, Ayu Laksmi and Asmara Abigail.


“Some of the jump scares tend to feel random and surprisingly cheap — something that the first movie manages to avoid most of them by giving us well-timed frights instead. They are even predictable at times […] Overall, I still prefer the first movie compared to this one. But viewing the sequel as a standalone effort, Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion does have its fair share of worthwhile moments.” 3/5, Casey’s Movie Mania

“Joko Anwar is a truly brilliant horror master who is still underrated on a global level. However, he has managed to cross borders (and language barriers) with this horror franchise. You just cannot ignore his impeccable timing and strong storytelling skills […] While Satan’s Slaves 2: Communion is a very strong sequel, it doesn’t quite reach the levels of the first movie.” 4 out of 5, Heaven of Horror

“The building is a powerful location that just seems to radiate bad vibes […] Satan’s Slaves: Communion maintains Anwar’s reputation as one of the best horror filmmakers working in the genre today. It is also one of the best horror true-sequels of the year (far superior to V/H/S/99 or Halloween Ends). Highly recommended…” J.B. Spins

“The first Indonesian film to be shot in IMAX, Satan’s Slaves: Communion looks as grimy and shadowy as any Anwar film – as it should. He uses shadows and distance, cramped spaces and lighting to set a stage that unnerves. Both sound design and practical FX complete that picture. Yes, the ideas and even some images are pulled from other films, but the final concoction is utterly Anwar.” 3.5 out of 5, Maddwolf

“Overall this movie was entertaining and obviously having high production value (I am sure it has way more budget than the previous one). The story was more complex with a larger cast and the cult was more explored. This could be a good thing to ensure people are invested enough to watch the subsequent sequel […] But, personally to me, this sequel was not as scary as the original.” Mike’s Movie Moments

“Joko Anwar continues his disturbing journey in horror by once again diving into cultural beliefs to bring horror out of them. He creates some terrifying jump scares, horrifically built-up moments of tension and brutal imagery. This is a horror that will stick with you because of the horrors you are put through. It has a relentless nature that never stops.” 4 out of 5, Movie Reviews 101

“Not only does Satan’s Slaves: Communion do an exquisite job of carrying forward the original chilling tale of Satanism and the undead, but it also deftly creates the potential for a Satan’s Slaves Part III. Joko Anwar’s eye for horror is unparalleled in the modern era. Each and every project that he has touched has been more exciting than the last and Satan’s Slave Communion is no exception.” 4.5 out of 5, The Scariest Things

“A majority of the climax unravels under the cover of darkness, with lightning flashes and lamps as the only sources of light. Couple this with an inane amount of shaky-cam action ala Jason Bourne, and all you leave with is a terrible migraine. Tara Basro and Bront Palarae are given so little to work with that their performances fall flat…” The Vibes

“If you haven’t seen Satan’s Slaves you may want to give it a watch before taking on the sequel. You can get through the movie without it, but the final act will make a lot more sense if you have. Apart from that, the only real issue I have with the film is the amount of shaky camerawork we get when everyone is running around near the end.” 4.5 out of 5, Voices from the Beyond

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