POLARIS (2022) Futuristic subarctic action revenge movie – with trailer

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Polaris is a 2022 Canadian action revenge film about a young girl fighting off brutal warriors trying to kill the polar bear that raised her.

“Filmed in the subarctic, the story is set in a futuristic frozen world born of the brutal disregard of generations prior – where any nation could be buried under the snow.”

Written, co-produced and directed by Kirsten Carthew aka KC Carthew (The Sun at Midnight). Also produced by Paul Cadieux, Max Fraser and Alyson Richards.

The movie stars Viva Lee, Khamisa Wilsher and Muriel Dutil.

Set in 2144 against the harsh backdrop of a frozen wasteland, Sumi, a human child raised by a polar bear narrowly escapes capture from a brutal Morad hunting party and sets out across the vast winter landscape.

When Sumi stumbles across Frozen Girl, an unlikely friendship is forged and together they race ahead of the vindictive hunters towards the only guiding light Sumi knows, the Polaris star…


Writer/director Kirsten Carthew commented: “Mad Max in the Arctic, an origin story of a world gone to shame that builds from themes of environmental stewardship/horror.”

She added: “it is inspired by eco-feminism and the need for significant cultural and sustainable change. The film portrays these themes with an entirely female cast – including the polar bear.”

Polaris will have its world premiere at the 2022 Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal.


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