THE SKUNK APE EXPERIMENTS (2022) Reviews of meagre mockumentary

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The Skunk Ape Experiments is a 2022 American horror film that follows OutKast Paranormal on an adventure into Myakka City, Florida on a Skunk Ape investigation like you’ve never seen.

Directed by Stacy Brown Jr. and starring Joey Badia, Bill Brock, James Brost, Stacy Brown Jr, Ryan Golembeske, Emmette Kessler, Edward Monge, Martis Morgan, Paul Sanson and Josh Watson.

“If you are into paranormal investigation shows, this does everything it needs to. It gives a group of mysteries that are trying to be solved, without giving away anything. It does look to push boundaries others don’t, which is risky and dangerous for the viewers. This is done to try and make them stand out more than others.” 3 out of 5, Movie Reviews 101


“If you are after a structured and well-explained documentary then you won’t find that here. If you instead want to watch a group of true believers getting increasingly excited about their passion then that can be seen. With not much explanation and a lack of focus on any one experiment type, I was more often than not left feeling a little lost, even if this was entertaining to see.” 5 out of 10, The Rotting Zombie

The Skunk Ape Experiments uses a Creepshow-like framing device, moving between stories as the pages of an animated comic book turn. That film however had the good sense to finish one story before starting another […] For something that runs just under an hour, The Skunk Ape Experiments feels very long. Nothing of any consequence happens and even the recreations of people’s experiences are dull.” 1 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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In the US, The Skunk Ape Experiments was released on Cable, On-Demand (VOD) and Digital platforms by 1091 Pictures on August 2, 2022. Get it on Prime


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