THE INFERNAL MACHINE (2022) Reviews of Guy Pearce thriller

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The Infernal Machine is a 2022 American thriller about a reclusive, controversial author who receives endless letters from an obsessive fan. What ensues is a dangerous labyrinth as he searches for the person behind the cryptic messages.

Written and directed by Andrew Hunt (The Unspoken; Miles Between Us; shorts: Frost Bite; Level; Personal Space). Co-produced by Julian Hicks, Lionel Hicks and Spencer McLaren.

The movie stars Guy Pearce, Alice Eve, Alex Pettyfer, Jeremy Davies, Iris Cayatte, Joel Abadal, Bella Alexandras, Rocco Salata, Gary Anthony Stennette, Ben Temple and Georgia Goodman.

The Infernal Machine was released on September 23, 2022, and is available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime



” …a very Stephen King-esque overview of paranoia and intimidation, working to create a story to pair with the central phone call concept, coming up with an uneven viewing experience. The first half builds to a few promising questions of sanity, but The Infernal Machine slips out of control soon after, as Hunt gets sloppy with his ideas for suspense.” 2.5/5,

“Less appears to be more for The Infernal Machine, which has enough Pearce to enjoy itself with and clarity on where its story hopes to go. Those slow and contemplative moments of a writer confiding in his best friend, a dog named Saul, are the necessary burning embers of a former life that soon take a dark and sinister turn. The Infernal Machine is a diamond in the rough…” Cult Following

“The film narratively portrays a writer’s journey that follows a battle to preserve his own identity and a tough confession. Guy Pearce’s breathtaking performance brilliantly emphasizes the psychologically nuanced aspects of Bruce Cogburn’s character. His character has been concealing the truth from the start…” Digital Mafia Talkies

“A lot of promises were made by such a build-up carried on the shoulders of Pearce empowered by the vast and dreadful imagery. What it leads to, however, is an antagonist who simply isn’t convincing as someone with enough baleful consistency to put Cogburn through such a delicately constructed puzzle of misery…” High on Films


“Hunt’s script takes wild twists and Pearce and his costars are game for the ride […] It is a fun flick full of surprises. Flashbacks weaken the satisfaction of piecing the mystery together, so the climax itself is not as strong as the adventure that precedes it. Still, it’s great to see Pearce making an effort in a film worthy of his time.” 3/5, Maddwolf

“The plot of The Infernal Machine keeps twisting and twisting itself into such a tangled knot that it’s difficult to determine or recall how and why each of those moves gets the story where it finally lands. We might forgive such maneuvers if the movie had something to say about this character or any of its tantalizing ideas, but in that regard, it’s also a letdown.” 2/4, Mark Reviews Movies

“As thrillers go, The Infernal Machine has all the right parts but lacks wonder, even as it layers one weird mystery on top of the other. It’s hard to pinpoint where it weakens most, between a few uninspired conflicts to a bland set of supporting characters, save for a near comically dark performance from Jeremy Davies.” 3/5, That Moment In

The Infernal Machine is a psychological thriller highlighted by an incredible performance by Guy Pearce. Pearce has a ton of dialogue and screentime to himself which he takes advantage of with his veteran-like presence that makes you wonder what in the world is going on in the movie.” The Music City Drive-In

“The tone is steady for two-thirds of the runtime, but as the story gets less defined, so too does the intention. A very good first half holds up The Infernal Machine until its thinly stretched premise reaches an overdue conclusion, as does the reliable Guy Pearce. It works just as many times as it doesn’t, but his performance elevates the movie beyond average.” 3/5, Voices from the Balcony

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