THE ACCURSED (2022) Reviews of Mena Suvari, Meg Foster horror plus 1st trailer

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‘Are you ready to gaze into Hell?’
The Accursed is a 2022 horror film about a young woman forced to face her past while dealing with the mysterious death of her mother.

Directed by Kevin Lewis (Willy’s Wonderland; The Drop; Downward Spiral) from a screenplay by Rob Kennedy (Midnight Man). Produced by Marcus Englefield and George Lee.

Produced by Ann Carli, Marcus Englefield, George Lee and Kevin Lewis. Executive produced by David Gendron, Scottland Olds Harbert, Fred Hedman, Phil Hunt, Edward Kennedy and Rob Kennedy.

The Blood Red Films-Storyoscopic Films co-production stars Mena Suvari (What Lies Below; ApparitionDon’t BlinkDay of the Dead 2008; The Rage: Carrie 2), Sarah Grey, Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect franchise), Meg Foster (The Lords of Salem), Sarah Dumont (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse), Sherman Augustus, Ava McAvoy, Jaelyn Buffkin, Marian Lee, Nia Cowart, Olivia Day, Kai Phillippe-Knapp, Kim Kendall, Derek Severson, Johnny Land, Jennifer Silverstein and Antoinette Van Klingeren.

When her estranged mother dies by suicide, Elly (Sarah Grey) is forced to return home from volunteering as a nurse abroad. Determined to sell the family home and get her life back on track, she finds herself haunted by terrifying visions of her mother.


Consumed by guilt and wanting a quick escape, Elly accepts the offer from Alma (Mena Suvari) as a temporary caregiver to look after the comatose Ms Ambrose (Meg Foster) in her isolated cabin. But Alma has nefarious plans for Elly and she soon is confronted with Mary Lynn (Alexis Knapp), a witch hunter who is hellbent on lifting the demonic curse that has plagued her family for generations.

Elly discovers that Ms Ambrose has a history in the black arts, as well as a mysterious connection to Elly’s mother. As she tries to unlock the truth with her friend Beth (Sarah Dumont), it becomes all too clear that Elly was lured to the cabin under false pretences…


In the US, Screen Media released The Accursed theatrically and On-Demand (VOD) on October 14, 2022.

” …it’s difficult to care about any of it when the overall feature is agonizingly slow and devoid of even passably inspired scary business. The Accursed goes through the motions, chasing plot turns genre fans will spot coming from a mile away, eventually reaching its predictable cop-out ending, hoping to send viewers home with a shock, but most likely they’ll already be asleep.” 1.5/5,

“While I do feel The Accursed ran a bit too long (and a tad too slow at times), I thoroughly enjoyed the creepy vibe. All elements of the story also worked for me, as did the acting. In other words, it could have been better with a few tweaks, but it’s pretty damn good as it stands as well.” 3/5, Heaven of Horror

“The low-budget aspect of this film knocks too loud on the screen at times to ignore the same. Lewis has spent so much time trying to capture a scene in its entirety, using multiple wide-angle shots to his fullest, that it leaves nothing for the imagination […] Whatever little remains of horror, then, exude from the atmospheric smog and a couple of jump scares.” High on Films

“Sometimes you just want to watch a movie to pass the time and be entertained, and this film does just that. The strong performances by the cast help to raise it even higher, even if the script sometimes seems at odds with the acting. All in all, it’s a solid film that will leave you feeling entertained and satisfied.” Horror Buzz

The Accursed (2022) looks great and boasts a fine directorial effort from Kevin Lewis (Willy’s Wonderland, 2021) and good performances, but unfortunately offers nothing new storywise for seasoned or even casual horror-film viewers.” Horror Fuel

“There’s a back story here, beyond the events of the prologue and having to do with a couple of philandering fathers and demonic deals, but if it makes any sense, it doesn’t matter. The Accursed builds toward a final standoff that we could see coming from miles away, even if the movie didn’t so incompetently tease us with it as often as possible.” 1/4, Mark Reviews Movies

” …the CGI demon looks familiar when it finally shows up. The only viewers who will be surprised by any of it will be those new to the genre. Well shot, earnestly directed, and featuring some good effects, The Accursed is a good-looking but empty film…” 2/5, Voices from the Balcony

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

“Unfortunately, The Accursed is simply yet another demon in a cabin horror movie with little substance to get excited about. Yes, the acting is good and Meg Foster plays her elderly woman whilst possessed very well but sadly none of this is very new.” 2/5, Which Film


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