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Blade of the 47 Ronin is a 2022 fantasy action film in which samurai clans operate in total secrecy three hundred years after the original 47 Ronin legend.

Directed by Ron Yuan (Step Up China; Unspoken: Diary of an Assassin) from a screenplay co-written by Aimee Garcia, A.J. Mendez and John Swetnam.

The movie stars Anna Akana, Teresa Ting, Mike Moh, Dustin Nguyen, Chris Pang, Chikako Fukuyama, Mark Dacascos, Luna Fujimoto, Akira Koieyama and Nino Furuhata.

Blade of the 47 Ronin was released on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and Digital platforms by Universal Home Entertainment on October 25, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon Prime

Blade of the 47 Ronin is a poor attempt at creating a franchise from an already disgraced IP. The movie is filled with bad acting, and boring action sequences, and other than seeing Dan Southworth walking around dressed as Vergil, there are very few things to save from here.” 4/10, Fiction Horizon


47 Ronin had a certain authenticity in its atmosphere and narrative that was based on the samurai, not to mention an awesome cast. But all that Blade of the 47 Ronin has are sword fights for the sake of a plot that, even with its effective narrative, fails to appeal.” Film Fugitives

“Blade might have been better off not positioning itself as a sequel to 2013 film. It is definitely a scrappy production (with maybe 1/100th of its predecessor’s budget), but its action direction is considerably better. The body count is high […] Recommended for fans of Dacascos, Nguyen, and over-achieving straight-to-DVD sequels…” J.B. Spins

“Despite the fact that the film is really not a good one, it fortunately still manages to offer great entertainment, so that it continues to keep its value. Still, there are clearly better (genre) movies that you could watch instead of this one.” 5/10, Seal_Team1138 [translated from Dutch]


“it has well-choreographed fight scenes throughout. Along with a cast of colorful characters. The character and plot are very simple and the dialogue is okay. It’s an action-adventure popcorn flick. The performances are good along with the directing.” Troy Gauthier 

” …we get an extended training session taking up much of the film’s midsection. rather than actual fighting. The last act makes up for it though with a couple of twists and double-crosses as well as a lot of sword fighting and bloodshed. Unfortunately, much of that blood is CGI…” 3 stars out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

“This was great fun from start to finish for me. Loads of killings, swords being swung around during fights and very good fighting sequences […] The acting is good, the talking not so much.” Which Film

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