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Terror Train 2 is a 2022 Canadian mystery horror slasher film set aboard the same locomotive as Terror Train (2022).

A year has passed since a series of gruesome murders took the lives of multiple college seniors aboard the now-infamous Terror Train. Alana (Robyn Alomar) is coerced to join The Magician (Tim Rozon) and other survivors on a New Year’s Eve redemption ride aboard the very same train, where a new kind of evil awaits. Once again, the terrified passengers must fight to survive…

Directed by Philippe Gagnon (Terror Train; The Radio Talk Show Killer; Psycho Prom Queen; Twisted; Sleeper; Sometimes the Good Kill; Her Evil Twin; Willed to Kill) from a screenplay written by Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin (Slasher series). Produced by Kaleigh Kavanagh and Graham Ludlow. Executive produced by Brook Peters and Shari Segal.

The Incendo Productions movie stars Robyn Alomar, Tim Rozon, Nadine Bhabha, Romy Weltman, Tori Barban, Dakota Jamal Wellman and Matthew Villeneuve.

“This has just as many twists as the remake but somehow, I liked this even more. Maybe it’s because the lizard mask is back instead of just keeping the killer as a clown. Maybe it’s just that I love surprises and seeing this show up was one of those. Or perhaps I just love slashers […] Either way — I think you’ll find something to like here. I could do without the CGI blood, but here’s hoping for practical gore in the inevitable third remake sequel.” B&S About Movies

“The direction by Philippe Gagnon is the same as the first, but with less tension and suspense. The kills are ordinary, with stabbings and axe attacks being the focus. There aren’t enough of them though, although there is a lot of CGI blood. And the film feels a bit rushed, as the final act wraps up fairly quickly and easily without enough time to simmer in it.” Full Moon Reviews

“With loveable returning characters, a pretty good story and excellent visual effects, Terror Train 2 is an excellent film to enjoy tonight just before the clock strikes midnight to ring in the New Year […] The movie gets 3.5 stars from me since it has a fresh take on an old story and brings in new viewers for a franchise that should have had more success in the 1980s.” Horror Facts

“It suffers from the same slightly bland modern TV movie look that stopped the first film from popping visually. And you never do get the feeling they are really on a moving train. However, these are minor quibbles […] However, I will put my neck on the line – or the track – and say I had more fun with this film than I did with any of David Gordon Green’s recent Jamie Lee Curtis starring Halloween trilogy (2018-2022).” Hysteria Lives!

“It is a pretty by-the-numbers modern slasher with a few decent characters and a bunch of ássholes.  People sure do love to make fake jump scares and act just as dumb as they did in 1980. For all of the advances in technology our society has made, our horny teens are still dumb as bricks. No offense, bricks.” Mondo Bizarro

“While some of the character interactions are worth noting, mostly the bitchy nature of attention seekers, too much of this is too reminiscent of Part 1, which in and of itself is too reminiscent of the original Terror Train. Still, this is a mostly-decent outing with plenty of necessary violence.” 2.5 out of 4, SplatterCritic

” …the overwhelming sense of déjà vu is a tad mind-numbing. It’s one thing for the survivors to relive the events of the first Terror Train. It’s asking a bit much to make the audience relive it, especially considering the first one came out a mere two months ago […] It also doesn’t help that the body count is pitifully low.” The Video Vacuum

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