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‘Study like your life depended on it’
Cram is a 2021 American horror film about a male student who is menaced in a library by a supernatural entity.

Written, directed and executive produced by Abie Sidell. Produced by Zachry J. Bailey and Trevor Wallace. Also, executive produced by Felix Handte.

The Radical Rhinoceros Pictures production stars John DiMino, Brandon E. Burton, Rolando Chusan and Carolina Do.


We all do what we gotta do to pass – except Marc. Desperate to finish his final paper, he struggles to cram all night in the library. After dozing off, Marc awakens to discover that his paper has vanished!

Looking for answers and a way out of this nightmare, Marc is drawn deeper into the mysterious and enchanting stacks. Alone in the library (or so he thinks), Marc is easily frightened and considers giving up. But the library has other plans for him…

Cram premiered at the Austin Film Festival on September 22, 2021. The film will be released on Digital on March 17, 2023, by Terror Films.



“A sort of morality tale, Cram is filled with laughs and inventive encounters, especially when Mark realises the source of his frights. It may also bring a smile to those who don’t mind their horror being low budget.” Battle Royale with Cheese

“While not every horror investigated in Cram was entirely effective, the practical effects and lighting helped cultivate a creepy vibe and added some notable moments of tension to an already chilling premise. Decently scary, decidedly unique, and yet unsettlingly relatable, Cram is a college horror story worth your watch — at the very least to remind you that there is, indeed, a fate worse than a failing grade.” Film Cred

“The evils and horrors of higher education – the vampires we willingly offer our necks to, and even pay for the trouble of sucking us dry – come to vibrant life in Cram. There’s a collective catharsis in the intricacies of Cram  – almost like exorcising the demons of every bad educational experience there ever was for all of us – through laughter, tears, and screams.” 8 out of 10, Horror Buzz


Cram had me considering a lot of my own young life and I couldn’t help but have compassion for Marc Lack. Abie’s medium-length feature ran for forty-five minutes and I would’ve liked to have seen Marc experience more outcomes, but I feel this movie dismounted very well after making its point. In its own dark and nihilistic way. Nietzsche would be proud.” Pop Horror

“The film boasts cool creature design, some body horror, and other fear-fare elements. DiMino gives a wholly believable performance, heading up a solid cast, with Brandon Burton as The Master of the Books making for a fine, creepy nemesis. Cram features a wicked sense of humor to go along with its more chilling elements.” 4 out of 5 stars, The Scariest Things

” …a very unusual film, a mix of horror and fantasy rolled into, of all things, a cautionary tale about not to leave things to the last minute – but not so much in an in-your-face but rather an allegorical way, with the film over time more and more taking on the logic of a nightmare, and associative storytelling eventually taking over.” Search My Trash

“The lack of a solid plotline connecting the things Marc experiences may put some viewers off of Cram, but it’s meant to feel like a nightmare or a dark fable with its own logic […] Cram can be taken as simply a strange exercise in atmospheric creepiness if you simply want to take it at face value. But if you look a bit deeper there’s a whole lot more there, some of it even more disturbing in its own way.” 4 out of 5 stars, Voices from the Balcony

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