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Creep is a 2004 British-German horror feature film written and directed by Christopher Smith (The Banishing; Triangle). The movie stars Franka Potente.


London. Midnight. Unable to find a taxi, model-agency booker Kate (Franka Potente) heads underground. Waiting for the last subway train, she dozes off … and awakens to find everyone else gone. Gripped by panic, Kate realizes she’s locked in. But she is not alone.

The storyline has been compared to the 1972 film Death Line (aka Raw Meat), also set on the London Underground and featuring a cannibalistic killer. Director Smith, who had apparently not seen Death Line, attributes his inspiration to a scene in An American Werewolf in London set in the London Underground.

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Creep cheerfully wallows in its own nastiness. A deliberate throwback to the splatter movies of the 1970s and 1980s, it brings together a host of genre staples – lone woman in peril, subterranean settings, an unstoppable maniac and a variety of gruesome demises – and congeals them around an initially realistic premise.” Film 4

“As well as being decidedly pedestrian in terms of plotting, the film does have a number of flaws, mainly in the fact that its central female lead is an arrogant character for which the viewer cares little. Although Potente’s acting is competent enough, she is sadly saddled with lazy writing…” Beyond Hollywood

” …holding the film back (quite a bit mind you) is a serious lack in any type of story or characterization. Who are these people and why should we care about who they are? Who is the Creep, and once again, why should we care about who he is? This is the one area (and it’s a pretty big area to fill) where Creep is lacking.” Monsters At Play

Cast and characters:

Vas Blackwood … George
Ken Campbell … Arthur
Kathryn Gilfeather … Girl
Franka Potente … Kate
Grant Ibbs … Man
Joe Anderson … Male Model
Jeremy Sheffield … Guy
Sean De Vrind … Friend
Ian Duncan … Friend
Debora Weston … Mya
Emily Gilchrist … Karen
Craig Fackrell … Homeless Guy
Elizabeth McKechnie … Woman
Kelly Scott … Mandy
Strapper … ‘Ray’ The Dog
Jonathan Taylor … Dead Driver #1
Paul Rattray … Jimmy
Morgan Jones … Night Watchman
Daniel Joseph Scott … Dead Driver #2
Sean Harris … Craig
Spencer Hawken … Man on Train Platform (uncredited)

Technical details:

85 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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