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Teardrop is a 2022 American horror film about two teachers who take their students on a field trip to a ghost town that may be haunted.

Directed and co-produced by Steven R. Monroe (Unborn; Harland ManorThe Exorcism of Molly HartleyGrave HalloweenMongolian Death Worm; Ogre; It Waits) from a screenplay co-written with Spyder Dobrofsky (The Housewives of the North PoleSpiral 2019). Also produced by Stan Spry and Eric Scott Woods.

The Cartel Pictures production stars Rachel Thundat (The Red Tide Massacre; The Candle & the Curse; Deadly Girls Night Out), Monroe Cline, Jeff Branson, Murray Gray, Steven M. Porter, Megan Lee, Meredith Jackson and Ellie Grace Pomeroy.


Our view:
For much of its running time, Teardrop is more of a supernatural mystery than a horror movie and as per its ghost town setting, the pace is pretty languid. It takes just over an hour for even a feeble jump scare to arrive and the “hell hounds” are so briefly represented by some growls and red-eye lights their appearance is laughable.

The educational writing field trip in such a locale is patently unbelievable and with only three whiny students in tow (studious straight-laced Asian, tanned nihilist bimbo and airhead white rapper “Ross the Boss”) there is zero opportunity for any engaging teen characters. Meanwhile, the two teachers largely ignore the kids to constantly flirt and swig whisky until frustrated writer Mr C (‘C’ presumably standing for cliché) starts losing his marbles as he begins to fathom out his doomed destiny.

The laconic hotel manager Denver (Bradley Fisher in a nicely understated performance) occasionally delivers an interesting historical anecdote but after an hour in Teardrop most viewers will probably want to skip town. That said, those that enjoy a languid ghost story and a whole lotta hangin’ will doubtless stay till the predictable end and leave with a semi-smile. Adrian J Smith

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“Of all things, I liked the local girl — well, she can shapeshift, so I don’t want to be misgendering someone with that ability — who basically keeps telling the rapping kid that she’s dead and that he’s going to die too and even after she makes him puke all over the place — and lose his chain — he still considers going back to hook up.” B&S About Movies

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