GINGER SNAPS (2000) Reviews and overview


‘Hungry like the wolf.’

Ginger Snaps is a 2000 Canadian werewolf film directed by John Fawcett. The film focuses on two teenage sisters, Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald (Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins), who have a fascination with death. The title is a pun on the cookie Gingersnap. “Snap” (snapping) also relates to losing one’s self-control, or a quick, aggressive bite.

During the film’s production, the Columbine High School massacre and the W. R. Myers High School shooting took place, bizarrely causing some public controversy over the film’s horror themes (werewolves!) and the funding it received from Telefilm.




“The success of Ginger Snaps lies in the commitment of director John Fawcett, actors and writer Karen Walton. They don’t go for the it’s-behind-you pantomime approach that modern teenage horror movies enjoy. They take it seriously, which makes all the difference between empathy and objectivity. When the most responsible member of the school body turns out to be the in-house dope dealer, you know you cannot trust stereotypes.” Eye For Film

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“This film is the perfect mix of casting, writing and directing, which is truly a rare experience these days, and such a treat when it works to this magnitude. Ginger Snaps consists of some very smart writing, and doesn’t succumb to the self-referential quips like all those post Scream knock-offs.” Monsters at Play

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