PSYCHOSIS (2010) Overview


Psychosis is a 2010 British horror film written and directed by Reg Traviss from a story by Michael Armstrong. It’s a loose remake of the “Dreamhouse” episode (which was originally a short film) from the 1981 anthology film Screamtime.


In 1992, a group of young anarchists seeking to preserve the local wildlife are brutally murdered. The killer is later found collapsed by a river due to wounds he’d sustained while attempting to kill the lone surviving anarchist.

Fifteen years later, successful crime novelist Susan moves into a nearby house with her husband David, who have purchased the house in hopes of it helping her with her writing.

However, Susan is soon made uneasy as she witnesses the house’s gamekeeper Peck indulging in carnal activities in the woods and then later exposing himself to her. She also begins to witness strange visions in the house, all surrounding bloody bodies, the killer from earlier in the film, and people who appear one moment and disappear the next…

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