EDEN LOG (2007) Reviews and overview


Eden Log is a 2007 science fiction horror feature film directed and co-written by Franck Vestiel.

The film is shot with only hand-held cameras in underground locations 60 feet (18 m) below the surface, as well as in a sewer. A gray and blue multilevel set is used in Eden Log, which, according to Vestiel, was designed to “avoid the look of the usual science fiction future […] The last thing I wanted was for Eden Log to fall into the trap of those science fiction films where the characters live in super-sterile, bathroom-like environments. […] And I did not want people to be able to date the film by identifying the technology, which is why I have no apparatuses, no dials, no buttons.”

The surrealistic landscapes of Eden Log were inspired by Vestiel’s favourite films, such as Escape from New York and Dawn of the Dead, and comics and literature, such as Frank Miller’s Daredevil and Métal Hurlant.