SYNGENOR (1990) Reviews and overview


‘Product of science… nightmare from Hell!’

Syngenor is a 1990 action horror/science fiction movie directed by George Elanjian Jr. from a screenplay by Brent V. Friedman (Necronomicon; Ticks; Evil Altar) and a story by Michael Carmody. The film is a loose sequel to Scared to Death (1980).

Main cast:

Starr Andreeff (Club Vampire; Amityville Dollhouse), Mitchell Laurance (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle; The Runestone; Stepfather II), David Gale and Charles Lucia.


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Norton Cyberdyne provides high-tech military technology and their latest super weapon is “Syngenor” (SYNthesized GENetic ORganism). A prototype breaks loose and starts leaving a trail of bodies.

As bodies pile up other Syngenors emerge from the basement and a battle rages between the monsters and the corporate humans…


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“As a film, it’s bland beyond reason. As a demo reel for an immensely awesome actor who has unfortunately left us, it’s amazing. I joke a lot about David Gale in this review, but as a fan of his, let me tell those of you who aren’t familiar with his work something straight. The guy was amazing.” Mikey Ward, Mondo Exploito

” … it has nothing to do with the original. It’s more of a cliched action/sci-fi monster film, with very little originality to be had. The acting, for the most part, is just terrible. It’s as cliched as it gets. The only exception is David Gale (Re-Animator, The Brain) who plays the boss of the building where these creatures are being created.” Grimly Fiendish


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